WordPress Settings you should change for your new website

This is our fourth article on how to create your own professional WordPress website on 1&1 IONOS webhosting.

In the last article we installed WordPress and today we will be modifying some general settings within WordPress. It’s a short post but the steps are important.

The first step is to login to your WordPress website. Go to www.yourdomain.co.uk/wp-admin and enter your login details.

Click on Settings on the left hand side.

  • The Tagline will be already be filled in with Just another WordPress site. Change this to something more meaningful to your business.
    We changed ours to Delicious cakes for any occasion
  • The email address will be filled in with the same email address you used to sign up with 1&1. Feel free to change it.
  • Towards the bottom of the page change Site Language to English(UK) (or the language of your choice).
  • At the bottom of the page click Save Changes.

Under the Settings tab click on Under Common Settings change it to Post name. This makes your urls look better and also improves their Google search rankings.

Click Save Changes.

In the next article we will learn how to create a “New website coming soon” for your WordPress website. This will enable us to develop the website without visitors seeing the work in progress.

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