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Specialising in computer support for self employed professionals in Maidenhead, Windsor, Marlow and the surrounding area

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We help a wide range of self-employed people who work for themselves and value having an IT setup that works for them and provides them with the resilience and backup they need.

You might be an accountant, a plumber, a personal trainer, a photographer or a something completely different. Whatever your profession you probably use emails to run your business, you have important documents and spreadsheets  which are vital to the daily running of your business. You probably use the same computer for work as you do for personal reasons. You might have family photos on the laptop which you don't want to lose.

And if that computer goes down then so does your livelihood. So be prepared for the worse in case the worse does happen. Let MCS help you today.

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We know what you need

We know what it takes to keep your computer up and running so you can continue to run your business, and do what you are best at. 

As a minimum, you need the following:

  • Professional and reliable email system which syncs emails, contacts and calendars across all your devices. 
  • Cloud backup of all your files and documents and photos.
  • Good security software to protect your computer.
  • A computer that runs at is best and enables you to stay productive. 



Still using your email address to run your business? Then it's time to upgrade to a professional email address and portray a professional image. Microsoft 365 Exchange Online is the way forward.


We all know that online threats are increasing everyday. Malwarebytes is one excellent tool that will help keep you safe online. Learn about creating strong passwords to stop hacks.


You always need to prepare for the worst and assume that at some point in time your computer will either stop working, Windows won't load properly or be stolen. A cloud backup will ensure you can get you up and running again, fast!


Ensure your computer is running at its best. If getting a new computer then we can advise on the best specification for your budget. Get two monitors to improve productivity. 

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Here's what our customers have to say

Computer disk drive had filled up completely and I couldn’t see why. Robert was able to access my computer remotely and sort everything out for me very quickly. I would highly recommend and I will definitely be using his services again (if I should need).

Emma O'Hara

I damaged my wife’s laptop screen the night before her meeting with the client and she had important files which she needed. And i thought it was an easy fix to just connect it to an external monitor and copy files to usb stick but it seems the laptop had some other problem too. In panic i contacted Robert and he was able to fetch the files for me in no time. Thanks to him for saving me from a divorce.

Liston Furtado

Highly satisfied. Robert replaced my HDD and restored my laptop by installing windows along with desird HDD partitions within 24 hours as he promised. Plus all data copied to new HDD from the old harddisk. My old HDD was failing but Robert backed up around 700GB of data into the new one very efficiently. 200% recommendable. Robert is very much effective to advise and with proper guidance.

Sudipto Sil

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