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I pride myself on giving my customers excellent value for money. I don't let costs run out of control and for a lot of jobs I'm able to give fixed prices before doing any work. For the best prices it's always best if you can bring your computer to me or let me setup a remote login to your computer.


If I can't fix your computer then you won't pay a penny.


I don't charge to just come out and look at your computer. I only charge when I fix it!


For home users the cost is £60 an hour, broken down into 15 min segments. If job takes less than half an hour the price is £50. Remote login sessions are £60 per hour


For businesses the cost is £70 . If job takes less than half an hour the price is £60. Remote login sessions are £70 per hour

Fixed Price Services

Simple Repairs

From £40

Simple repairs can include troubleshooting windows problems, small hardware repairs and upgrades.

Advanced Repairs

From £60

More advanced repairs include fixing Windows that doesn't boot up, reinstalling Windows, replacing laptop screens, setting up printers, clearing out viruses.

Data Recovery

From £60

Data recovery from computers that won't boot or from broken external hard drives.

Laptop Screen Replacements

From £100

Most replacement laptop screens cost around £40-£60 and my labour charge is between £50 and £70, depending on how difficult it is to replace.

Computer Lessons

£40 per hour

Private 1 on 1 computer lessons are charged at £40 per hour. For group lessons please contact me with your requirements to get a quote.

Remote Logins

£50-£60 per hour

Remote logins are a great way to get problems with Windows solved. Many jobs take less than 30 minutes so could only cost you around £25.

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Computer disk drive had filled up completely and I couldn’t see why. Robert was able to access my computer remotely and sort everything out for me very quickly. I would highly recommend and I will definitely be using his services again (if I should need).

Emma O'Hara

I damaged my wife’s laptop screen the night before her meeting with the client and she had important files which she needed. And i thought it was an easy fix to just connect it to an external monitor and copy files to usb stick but it seems the laptop had some other problem too. In panic i contacted Robert and he was able to fetch the files for me in no time. Thanks to him for saving me from a divorce.

Liston Furtado

Highly satisfied. Robert replaced my HDD and restored my laptop by installing windows along with desird HDD partitions within 24 hours as he promised. Plus all data copied to new HDD from the old harddisk. My old HDD was failing but Robert backed up around 700GB of data into the new one very efficiently. 200% recommendable. Robert is very much effective to advise and with proper guidance.

Sudipto Sil

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