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Desktop Computer Repairs

If your desktop computer isn't working properly then I can fix it. I cover all makes and models of desktop PCs including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and PC Specialist. Whatever problem your PC has I have probably seen it before and can fix it.



PC Repair Maidenhead
Computer PSU power supply repair Maidenhead

Power Supply Units (PSUs)

If your desktop PC isn't even turning on then the Power Supply could be faulty. I can test the power supply to see if it’s working properly on all the voltage rails. If it is found to be faulty I can supply and fit a new one.

Costs from £80

Failing Hard Drives

Hard drives can fail at any time, which is why it is so important to back up your personal files. If your hard drive fails we can try and recover your files and then replace it with a new one and do a fresh installation of Windows.

Costs from £120

hard drive repair maidenhead

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RAM defects can manifest in many symptoms. Testing can be done and replacement modules fitted. Adding more memory is also a great way to improve the performance of your PC. Prices from £60

Costs from £60

computer-memory repairs
computer repairs in Maidenhead

Case Fans

Is your computer really noisy? Are you getting warning messages about your CPU fan when you boot your computer up. If so then the fans could be wearing out and need replacement. Even just a good clean can improve the efficiency of the fan.

Prices from £40

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