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Professional Business Email

Specialising in setting up Microsoft 365 Exchange Online for self employed professionals

What is a professional email address?

A professional email address is linked to your domain name and is all part of creating a professional image. Which looks better - or We hop you agree that the first one is more professional.

Having email addresses tied with your domain name also enables you to have multiple email addresses, such as and

At MCS we recommend that you use Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) to manage your emails. You get many advantages including a large mailbox capacity, contacts and calendar, excellent spam filters and more reliable email delivery.

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Pick up your emails on all your devices and keep them all syncronised. Never lose an email again.


Create a professional image with an email address linked to your domain name


See all your contacts and calendar events across all your devices

Get an email system which will drive your business...

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Synchronised Emails, Contacts and Calendars

A professional email service such as Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) enables you to keep all your emails, contacts and calendars synchronised across all your laptops, tablets and mobile phones. If you've struggled with only being able to view your calendar on your phone or on your laptop and not keep them synchronised then Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) is your solution.

Why move your emails to Microsoft 365

Here are some reasons for why you might want to move your emails to Microsoft 365:

  • Limited mailbox storage space with current provider
  • Lack of calendar and contacts synchronisation between Outlook on your computer and your mobile phone
  • Unreliable email delivery through current provider. You find emails are ending up in recipients junk mail boxes
email migration

How to migrate your emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

There are 8 key steps to migrating your existing email system to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. You can learn more about the steps involved here.

Advantages of Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Some of the main advantages of Microsoft Exchange Online are:

  • Reliable mail delivery direct to your customer's inbox
  • Excellent spam filtering - no junk in your inbox
  • Calendar integration - organise meetings and appointments and keep them synchronised across your phone and other devices
  • Works with all email clients, especially Outlook
  • Contacts synchronised across all devices.
  • Huge 50GB mailbox storage
Exchange Online

How much does it cost?

Microsoft 365 (Exchange Online) costs £3.00+VAT per email account. This is paid directly to Microsoft on an annual subscription.

Let MCS help you setup your Professional Emails

Wherever you are based, from London, Portsmouth, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, I can help you with your email migration to Microsoft Exchange Online. Using a remote login program called AnyDesk it is easy to setup and see your screen and show you how to migrate your emails. Any other issues you have can also be discussed, such as Windows 10 and other Microsoft 365 products.

We can help you get your emails migrated to Microsoft 365 so you can then enjoy synchronised emails, calendar and contacts across all your devices.

Synchronising Contacts

Want to know why your contacts don't sync between Outlook and your smart phone? Learn more...

Synchronising Calendar

Want to know why your calendar in Outlook doesn't sync with your smart phone? Learn more...


Migrating Existing Emails to Microsoft Exchange Online

Many customers start off with email from the same company that hosts their domain and website. But quite often they run into problems such as mailboxes running out of space or too many emails going into spam, or receiving too much spam.

I can migrate all your existing emails to Microsoft Exchange Online and ensure no emails are lost. I will take care of all the necessary DNS record changes to ensure a smooth migration. I will help setup your email programs and devices to work with the new email settings.

If you already own a domain name and email addresses we can change all the required DNS records so emails go via Microsoft Exchange Online.

Let's say your company website is and that you also have an email address such as Let's also assume that at the moment everything is setup with one web hosting provider such as GoDaddy or IONOS.

It is perfectly possible to keep the domain name and website with GoDaddy but to get all emails to go through to Microsoft Exchange Online service. This is achieved by changing DNS records at the company who host your domain (usually the same people as host your website).

This is how we are setup. The website and domain name ( are hosted with IONOS but all emails go through Microsoft Exchange Online. You can read more about IONOS email vs Microsoft Exchange Online in this blog post.

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