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Do you need help with emails for your business?

Are you having problems sending and receiving emails. Getting confused with your POP3 and IMAP server settings. Do you want to create a professional impression with the emails you send to your customers. Whatever issue you are facing with your emails let MCS help you.

I usually reply to online enquiries within a few hours so if you haven't had a reply within 24 hours please check your spam box. 

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Email is so important when it comes to running your business. Whether it's just you or if there's a team of 5 people, you need email that works. When we say works, we mean it looks professional, large capacity mailboxes, syncronised mailboxes across your devices, integrated contacts and calendar functionality.


Have your emails stopped working? Are you unable to send or receive emails? Are you having difficulties setting up email accounts in Outlook or other email programs?

Whatever problems you are facing I have probably seen them before and can help. Many people get confused on whether to setup their email as POP3 or IMAP - we always recommend IMAP. Getting the correct server settings and port numbers can be very confusing so don't worry if things aren't working for you. Give me a call or fill in the online form above and I'll get back to you very soon.


Setting up New Email Accounts

Have youIf you have got a domain name and need some email addresses or you want to buy a domain name in order to have some email addresses then I can help you. There are many options available to setting up new email accounts and I can advise accordingly. Domain providers usually offer a simple email service which is usually cheap and effective. If you need something more robust with larger mailboxes and integrated calendar and contacts then I recommend Microsoft Exchange Online.


Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a cloud based service which costs £3 per month (+VAT) per email address. It is the email service we recommend to all our customers. Combined with Microsoft 365 and Outlook it really does work really well. And it also works just as well on Mac computers as it does on Windows computers.


Some of the main advantages of Microsoft Exchange Online are:

  • Reliable mail delivery direct to your customer's inbox
  • Excellent spam filtering - no junk in your inbox
  • Calendar integration - organise meetings and appointments and keep them synchronised across your phone and other devices
  • Works with all email clients, especially Outlook
  • Contacts synchronised across all devices.
  • Huge 50GB mailbox storage


Migrating Existing Emails to Microsoft Exchange Online

Many customers start off with email from the same company that hosts their domain and website. But quite often they run into problems such as mailboxes running out of space or too many emails going into spam, or receiving too much spam.

I can migrate all your existing emails to Microsoft Exchange Online and ensure no emails are lost. I will take care of all the necessary DNS record changes to ensure a smooth migration. I will help setup your email programs and devices to work with the new email settings.

If you already own a domain name and email addresses we can change all the required DNS records so emails go via Microsoft Exchange Online.

Let's say your company website is www.rbaccountants.co.uk and that you also have an email address such as info@rbaccountants.co.uk. Let's also assume that at the moment everything is setup with one web hosting provider such as GoDaddy or IONOS.

It is perfectly possible to keep the domain name and website with GoDaddy but to get all emails to go through to Microsoft Exchange Online service. This is achieved by changing DNS records at the company who host your domain (usually the same people as host your website).

This is how we are setup. The website and domain name (maidenheadcs.co.uk) are hosted with IONOS but all emails go through Microsoft Exchange Online. You can read more about IONOS email vs Microsoft Exchange Online in this blog post.

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