If you run a business then there's two essential things you need when it comes to email accounts:

  • It needs to be reliable
  • The email address should look professional


What do we mean by reliability? If you send an email to a customer you want to know that it will arrive in their inbox. You don't want the message delivery to fail and you also don't want it to end up in the customer's junk mailbox.

Looks Professional

Let's imagine your business name is RB Accountants. Which email address looks more professional:


We hope you think that the second one looks more professional!

Both of these can be achieved with professional email hosting and our preferred solution is Microsoft Online Exchange.

The Solution with Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online enables you to achieve both of these aims at only £3 per month (+VAT) per email address.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Reliable mail delivery direct to your customer's inbox
  • Excellent spam filtering - no junk in your inbox
  • Calendar integration - organise meetings and appointments and keep them synchronised across your phone and other devices
  • Works with all email clients, especially Outlook
  • Huge 50GB mailbox storage

How to set it up

Of course, you can give us a call here at Maidenhead Computer Services and we can help you. Even if you don't live in or near Maidenhead we can help via our remote login PC services. We've done it for many customers around the country who have all been really pleased with their new email solution.

Set it up yourself

Go to Microsoft website and click Buy now.  A simple wizard will then guide you through the process of buying the package and once complete it will then guide you through the process of setting up your email address.

Do you already own a domain name?

If you already own a domain name and email address then the online wizard will help you with setting up DNS records so emails go via Microsoft Exchange Online.

Let's say your company website is www.rbaccountants.co.uk and that you also have an email address such as info@rbaccountants.co.uk. Let's also assume that at the moment everything is setup with one web hosting provider such as GoDaddy or IONOS.

It is perfectly possible to keep the domain name and website with GoDaddy but to get all emails to go through to Microsoft Exchange Online service. This is achieved by changing DNS records at the company who host your domain (usually the same people as host your website).

This is how we are setup. The website and domain name (maidenheadcs.co.uk) are hosted with IONOS but all emails go through Microsoft Exchange Online. You can read more about IONOS email vs Microsoft Exchange Online in this blog post.

Migrating all your existing emails into Microsoft Exchange Online

The online wizard is generally very good at being able to import all the emails from your existing email provider into the Online Exchange environment.

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