The Dreaded BSOD

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There is probably nothing worse than switching your computer on and getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and Windows not loading properly. We have seen this problem many, many times. Although, at first impressions it would appear your world has collapsed most of the time the problem can be rseolved without too much difficulty.


There are usually two reasons why this error occurs:

  • Windows had got corrupt and can't load.
  • The hard drive inside your compure has started to fail and this is preventing Windows from loading.

The first step in fixing the issue is to test the hard drive for signs of failure. If the hard drive is failing then a new hard drive can be fitted and Windows 10 installed. Depending on how bad the hard drive has failed will determine if personal files can be recovered or not.

If the hard drive is found to be ok then I will try and repair Windows. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't then a reinstall of Windows will be required. I will back up all personal files on the computer before reinstalling Windows 10.


Costs will vary from around £60 to £150 depending on whether Windows can be repaired or if a new hard drive is required and Windows needs reinstalling.

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