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How to speed up a slow computer

Speed up computer

Is your computer a few years old and running slow?

Does it take ages to boot up and open applications?

Have you thought about buying a new one but don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new one?

Then, why not upgrade the hard drive with a SSD and be amazed at how fast your computer can be.


All computers have hard drives. They are used to sore all your personal files and photos as well as the Windows operating system and software programs such as Word, Chrome and Outlook.

Up until a few years ago most computers had a mechanical spinning hard drive. Whilst they work perfectly well they are very slow. As technology has moved on, mechanical hard drives have become replaced with SSDs, which much, much faster.

As they don't have any moving parts they are also more reliable and silent as well, which means no more whirring noises from your computer so you can work in peace!



Even if your computer is 10 years old it will benefit from a SSD upgrade. The short video below shows a 5 year old laptop which was upgraded with a SSD and a fresh installation of Windows 10. As you can see the laptop boots up from cold to the desktop in under 13 seconds! Before the upgrade it was taking around 2 minutes to boot up – enough time to put the kettle on!

How much does it cost?

For most customers we recommend a 480GB hard drive and the cost for this is £140. All options include cost of SSD and installation of Windows or cloning the existing disk to the new SSD.


How the upgrade works

You have 2 options when deciding to upgrade your hard drive to a SSD.

  • Fresh installation of Windows 10 and all your personal files copied across
  • Clone the existing hard drive to the new SSD.

Fresh Installation of Windows

I always aim for the upgrade to be a seamless transition, so it’s as if nothing has changed, except it will be much, much faster.

The steps involved when you have a fresh installation of Windows are:

  • Fit the SSD in your computer.
  • Install Windows 10 / 11
  • Copy across all your personal files and photos
  • Install software programs such as Microsoft Office and Chrome.

I outline more details on installing software programs that most people use.

I create a list of all the software programs you were using on your computer.

Old programs which you don’t use anymore won’t be reinstalled.

Microsoft Office

If you have Microsoft Office 365 then you will need to login to your Microsoft account to reinstall it. I can help you with this. If you have version 2010 or earlier I can reinstall this for you. If you have version 2013, 2016 or 2019 we will need to login to your Microsoft Account to see if the license key is present. If it is then installation is straightforward. If not then you should have details of the license key either in physical form or maybe in an email. If you can’t find it I can help you purchase a new copy.

Google Chrome

Chrome is very popular web browser. It is a free download so I can reinstall it for you. I will also copy across all your bookmarks, history and saved tabs so when you open Chrome it will be exactly the same as before the upgrade.

Other web browsers

If you use Firefox or other browsers then I can install these as well and also copy across your personal history, bookmarks etc.

Adobe Acrobat

The free PDF viewer is a free download so I can instal this for you.


If you use Microsoft Outlook this will be reinstalled as part of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office installation. Depending on what type of email address you have I can also setup email accounts, address books and calendar.

Cloning Existing Hard Drive

If there are no underlying issues with your Windows installation then a clone can work really well. It can also work well as part of an upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 10. However, if you have issues with Windows such as crashes or really bad slowness then a fresh installation of Windows is often the best and sometimes the only option. If the hard drive is showing any signs of failing then a fresh installation will be required.

I can clone your existing hard drive to the new SSD which means you won't have to reinstall any programs. Everything will be the same as before except your computer will run much faster.

This option also works well when you have a lot of specialist software running on your computer which you don’t want to have to reinstall.

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