How to install WordPress on 1&1 IONOS

This is our second article on how to create your own professional WordPress website on 1&1 IONOS webhosting. 

In the first article we explained How to setup a 1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Account for a WordPress website. We will assume you have setup your 1&1 IONOS web hosting account and are now ready to install WordPress.

Go to 1&1 IONOS login page and enter your login details.

This will take you to the Control Panel page. Select Websites & Shops

Click Create new website.

Scroll down the page to WordPress and and select Get started.

Enter a title for your website. This will probably be the name of the website or your company name. As we are creating a fictious website for a cake shop we entered Sallys Cakes in Windsor.

Click Create Website.

The next step is to create a username and password for the Website. This is different from the login details for the 1&1 account. You will use these details to build the website and make changes as required. So make sure you create details which are easy to remember but also a strong password. Once done click Continue.

Next you will be asked to choose between a managed WordPress or continue with WordPress. Whilst there are advantages of a managed wordpress we don't think the extra cost is worth it and there are also restrictions on the plugins you can install which could affect the development of your website.Click Continue with WordPress. 

The final step is to choose a domain name to set the WordPress to.

Choose your domain name from the drop down menu and click Assign Domain. This step will take around 5 minutes to complete so don't worry if it looks like nothing is happening. Once complete you will be taken to the Websites & Shops page as shown below.

Open up a new browser tab and enter the address of your new domain. You will now see your brand new website similar to below:

If you scroll down the page you get the following:

In the next article we will show you how to login to WordPress so you can start to customise the look and feel of your website - How to login to WordPress

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