How to save £13 when renewing your Microsoft Office 365 subscription

When I originally wrote this post in February 2016 it was possible to save £13 when renewing your Microsoft Office 355 subscription. In April 2020, nearly four years, on I decided to see if there are still savings to be had. Whilst the savings are not as great as they were it is still possible to save money compared to buying straight from Microsoft.

My Office 365 subscription is due for renewal every February. I remember in 2016 that Microsoft sent me reminder emails about renewing and quoted me £79.99 for the year. At the time it didn't seem too expensive but was certainly a lot more than I paid in 2015 when I first purchased Office 365 from Novatech for £52.37. In 2016 I renewed my Office 365 through Novatech for £66.99, saving me £13.

The savings for Office 365 no longer exist or if they do they amount to about £1. However, savings can be made on buying Office 2019 Home & Student 2019 edition.

In 2020 the prices for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 from Microsoft and from Novatech and EBuyer are listed below:

Microsoft - £119.99

Novatech - £110.99

EBuyer - £113.99

Maximum Saving: £9


Here are direct links to buy Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 from Novatech and EBuyer


If you need advice on which version of Office you should buy then read our post - Which Microsoft Office do I need

How to activate your purchase from Novatech

If you purchase Microsoft Office through Novatech you will need to activate the code they send you.

Office 365 product box

To do this, login to your Microsoft 365 account and go to the billing page.

Click on Redeem a card or code.

On Step 1 you will see your name so click Next. 

On Step 2 you need enter the product key:


On Step 3 confirm your settings:

office 365 confirm subscription

Once done Microsoft will confirm that all is complete.

office 365 details subscription expires

So my Office 365 subscription is renewed for another year and all my documents and photos continue to be backed up safely in the cloud through OneDrive. I also have full access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook plus more! And all for less than £75. What a bargain!

Please note the links to Novatech are affiliate links. If you click the link and purchase something from Novatech I will receive a small commission. you will get exactly the same price if you had gone directly to Novatech.


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