Self employed business

Computer services for self-employed and micro businesses

More and more people are setting up their own business than ever before. And a new term has entered the vocabulary as well – the micro-business. A micro-business is a defined as a business with less than 10 employees and the vast majority of micro-businesses are actually run by one person. Maidenhead Computer Services are a micro-business and specialise in helping all sorts of micro-businesses such as accountants, surveyors, plumbers, electricians right through to personal trainers with their IT needs.

Self employed business

A good IT setup is an essential part of running any successful company. Whether you’re just starting out or have been established for years then Maidenhead Computer Services is here to help you succeed.

When you have a good IT setup then you will find it so much easier to run your business. Whatever your line of business you’re going to have to reply to emails, deal with your accounts, run a website and so much more. Outlined below are details of what Maidenhead Computer Services can do for you:

Buying a new computer

We can provide advice on buying a new computer or laptop that will be best suited to the type of business you run and how you run your business. For example, if you’re home based then a desktop PC with a large monitor might be best but if you’re out and about visiting clients then a lightweight laptop with a good battery life maybe better for you.

We can also advise on the best specification for your needs. For example, if you’re a CAD designer or do a lot of photo editing you’re going to need a computer with a good quality graphics card.

For a fixed price of £50 we will come round to your home/business and discuss with you what you need from a new computer/laptop. We will then provide you with details on one or two computers which we think will best suit your needs.

You will then be able to purchase the new PC or laptop we recommend from either a well known high street retailer or from a well known online company.

Setting up a new computer

Once you’ve got your new computer it’s going to need setting up. You’re going to need security software including anti-virus to keep your computer safe from online attackers. You’re probably going to need software to write documents and create spreadsheets and we can advise on the best Microsoft Office suite for you.

You’re probably going to need a printer and maybe a scanner setup as well. Again we can help you choose the best product for your needs.

A good broadband package is essential as well which will keep up with the demands of your business and ensure you don’t get stung for exceeding any download limits.

Backing up

We consider backing up one of the most important things that everyone with a computer needs to do. Imagine if your computer breaks down or you lose your laptop. All your important documents will also be lost if they’re not backed up. By using services such as OneDrive and Dropbox everything is backed up in the cloud and can also then be accessed from anywhere and from any device.


You need to keep your computer secure. Good anti-virus is a great start but firewalls and anti-malware also important. Let us show help you keep your business safe from online attacks.


Every business needs a website and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either! If you are willing to put a bit of work in yourself it’s perfectly possible to create your own website for less than £100. With our expert knowledge and eBooks we can help you get online. Find out more by reading our website services.

Email accounts

Every business needs to be able to send and receive emails. Look at the two email addresses below:

Which one looks more professional to you? We hope you agree it’s the second one. If you would like a professional email address then contact us now.


As you can see there’s a lot to consider from an IT perspective when running your own business, regardless of how small it is. At Maidenhead Computer Services we love to help people get the most out of IT so they can make a success of their business. We also work really hard to make sure it doesn’t cost them more than it needs to.

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