How to install a WordPress Theme

This is our sixth article on how to create your own professional WordPress website on 1&1 IONOS webhosting.

In this article we will install a new theme to give our website a new look.

Make sure you are logged into your WordPress website –

Click Appearance.

You can see that the Twenty Seventeen theme is Active. Hover your mouse over Twenty Fifteen and click Activate.

Open up a new tab in your browser and go to your website to see how different your website looks!

It’s a little bit boring isn’t it. But don’t worry, we will now install a new theme.

Important information

You should now have 2 tabs open in your browser:

  • WordPress Dashboard page where you make changes to your site.
  • Your website

You’ll want to maintain this as we develop your website, because we will be continuously switching between the two in order to view changes to our website as we develop it.

Go back to the WordPress and click Add New Theme.

In the search box type Primer.
The search results will update automatically.

Hover the mouse over Primer and click Install.

Once installed, click Activate.

Go to the other tab in your web browser and refresh the page. The new theme is active and whilst it doesn’t look that amazing by the end of the next session you will be really motoring.

In the next article we are going to learn how to add photos to WordPress website.

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