How to import Edge favourites into Chrome in 2016

There’s a lot of posts on the internet which explain how to import your favourites from the Edge browser into Google Chrome. The problem is that since October 2015 the method doesn’t work. Microsoft changed the way the favourites are stored so a new way to import is required.

If you have tried the method of trying to find your favourites in the following folder


then carry on reading…

Since the October/November Windows 10 update Microsoft now stores the favourites in a database and to get access to them you will need to install some software. So download and install the Manage Edge Favourites tool.

  1. Open up the application and go to the Data menu and select Export to Internet Explorer.

Edge Manage Favourites screenshot






Once done you can then go to Google Chrome and import the favourites.

2. Clicking the customize button and select Bookmarks and Import bookmarks and settings.

import bookmarks google chrome





3. Finally select Microsoft Internet Explorer from the drop down and click Import.

import bookmarks google chrome 2







All your favourites from Edge browser should be visible in Chrome.

Hope this helps a few people out there!

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