How to get fast broadband in Dorney

Residents in Dorney have always suffered from slow broadband speeds and even today there’s still no option to upgrade to fibre broadband. The customers we have worked with in Dorney get a maximum speed of 2Mbps. This is barely enough for 21st century living and BT really should be working harder to improve this ridiculous situation. It’s not as if Dorney is in the middle of some rural area miles from anywhere. Anyway, I won’t continue my rant now!

Today I want to talk about how residents in Dorney can get fast broadband by using a 4G mobile Wi-Fi dongle.

If you are not sure what 4G is, do you use your smart phone to check emails and browse the internet when you’re out and about? If so, then you are using mobile internet and depending on your location and your mobile contract you will be using either a 3G or 4G internet connection. The difference between 3G and 4G is just speed, with 4G being faster.

By purchasing a mobile 4G Wi-Fi dongle you can enjoy fast broadband speeds at home on your home computer, laptop or tablet. A 4G wi-fi dongle such as shown below will look similar to your home router but instead of plugging into a BT socket all it will need is a power connection. You then select this wifi network on your computer or tablet and use the internet just like you always do.

4G dongle








What is 4G coverage like in Dorney?

As you can see from the map below, which is taken from the Vodafone website, 4G connectivity is very good.

Dorney 4G coverage











How fast is 4G?

Whilst 4G is advertised as up to 150Mbps, in the real world you can reasonably expect to get around 15Mbps which is still going to give you a great browsing experience!

How much will it cost?

With Vodafone you get 20GB of data allowance per month for £20 per month. For most users this should be more than enough. Whilst it’s more expensive than normal broadband for some people it will be a price worth paying for.

Vodafone 4G wifi dongle costs









To learn more visit the Vodafone website

Controlling internet downloads with Windows 10

Windows 10 has a great feature called metered connections which means you can tell Windows to only use certain types of connections for certain things. For example, Windows updates will only be downloaded via a normal home broadband connection. When you’re using something like a 4G dongle with limited download data usage this is a useful feature.

A lot more useful information about Windows 10 and metered connections can be found on the useful How To Geek website.

Regardless of what operating system you use you can always just switch the 4G mobile Wi-Fi dongle on and off as required.

Let Maidenhead Computer Services help you increase your broadband speed

  • We can help you choose the best 4G mobile dongle for your needs.
  • We can setup Windows 10 to use a metered connections and ensure it doesn’t eat into your valuable mobile 4G data allowance.

If you’d like to discuss this with us in more detail then please contact us.

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