Have Virgin being deleting virgin.net email addresses?

Towards the end of 2016 we received some telephone calls from people who wanted to know if we could help them with their @virgin.net email problems. They all had @virgin.net email addresses and some of them relied upon them for their business. Then one day their email no longer worked or if they had forgotten their password they weren’t able to reset it.

They had all spoken to Virgin who weren’t able to help. They had read other posts by us regarding Virgin.net emails so gave us a call to see if we could help. Unfortunately we couldn’t.

We know that a large number of people who had @virgin.net email addresses also used to get their broadband from Virgin and were transferred to TalkTalk because Virgin wanted to focus on their cable customers. We also know that these customers were told that their virgin.net email address would cease to exist after June 2016.

However, the people we spoke to recently were never Virgin customers or TalkTalk customers and it seems they have had their @virgin.net email addresses for a very long time – back in the day when Virgin gave people the opportunity to get an email address for free.

Therefore, it seems to me that that Virgin have deleted a number of @virgin.net email addresses without any warning. If you are one of these unlucky people then it seems there isn’t anything that can be done. We’d be interested to hear your experience in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Have Virgin being deleting virgin.net email addresses?”

  1. Just lost my virgin.net email address this week. I have been using it for around 20 years & now without any warning, gone!! I will have to set up a new email address, go through my backup mail recipients & get everything back on track. Thanks a lot virgin for the heads up!!!

    Jon, Ballymoney. N.I.

  2. Spent hours on the phone to Virgin before I got referred back to Talk Talk who will take no responsibility!
    BACK IT UP & Change NOW… is my advice to everyone with one of these accounts; I don’t have photos sent from a recently poorly loved one which is the most soul destroying thing ever!
    Bloody Virgin, I will slate at every given opportunity from now & forever… SO bitter!
    Jo, Guildford

  3. It’s just happened to me yesterday. I had no idea this was coming. I started with that email address in 1997 and used to pay for it and dial-up before the days of Broadband. Then it became free when all providers made email addresses free. I carried on using it and it’s vital to me. But yesterday, without any warning at all, I cannot get into it. Spent on hour on the phone with Virgin and in the end was nastily told I don’t have any of their services so I could p*ss off basically. They told me Talk Talk now look after email addresses like mine so I’ve called them – they aren’t interested either.
    What a way for these companies to treat people. NEVER have anything to do with Virgin – I never will.

    1. I am in pretty much the same boat. I got a virgin.net email address in 1997. I used it for nearly 20 years. I had a Virgin broadband account. Then Virgin locked me out and I was unable to recover nearly 20 years’ worth of messages, many of which were of sentimental value – eg photos, messages to and from loved ones, etc. It’s a shoddy way to treat people. If anyone knows a way of recovering such data, please post it.

      1. Ian Ramsay Lawson

        It is an utter disgrace that Virgin are allowed to just cancel my email address without any warning at all
        12.30 17th Aug 2021 last email then nothing. Spent all of yesterday and all today trying to get answers.
        Apparently they are allowed to do because its in their terms and conditions.

        1. I’ve had exactly the same experience. fortunately I’ve connection through Outlook so have emails in the outlook ost file. I migrating to Gmail. Spent morning talking to Virgin and Talk Talk. Customer service is not in their vocabulary !!

  4. Same has just happened to me ! Virgin absolutely useless couldn’t care less ,I will not recommend any of their services customer care atrocious, when I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager was told no ! Absolutely disgraceful !

  5. hello
    can not gain access to my account wont let me sign in.
    no warning. if this is how they treat you now dread to thnk when you have a payed account with them , told account transfered to talk talk. then talk talk no nothng about it.
    does any one have any contact details to get this sorted?

  6. My virgin.net email address is still working, but TalkTalk will not reset my password (and I cannot do it online as the account does not come up on VirginMedia) as I have no services with TalkTalk. It took 45 minutes and three agents to deny they have those accounts – but in any case will not assist as I have no other accounts with them.

  7. I have suffered the same fate yesterday (13th September 2021). vigin.net working until 7.26am, then totally unavailable. Both VM and TalkTalk refuse to accept responsibility. I think VM may have breached Data Protection Regulations by passing our details to another provider without our express permission. That would be a criminal offence – but is it worth pursuing?

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