email users have until June 2016!

In an earlier post I talked about the options available to people who have a email address. In particular, I talked about how people who got transferred from Virgin to TalkTalk had 1 year before their email address would cease to exist.

For a lot of people this meant March 2016. However, there has been no further information from TalkTalk on this matter. Furthermore, one of my customers phoned up TalkTalk and was told that they would be able to keep their email address for ever!

Personally I don’t believe this at all. Why would TalkTalk want to retain the email address. Surely from a brand perspective they would want everyone on a email address?

So, I decided to have a look on the TalkTalk Community and found some interesting information. As you can see from the screenshot below that customers after June customers will lose their email address.

TalkTalk and virgin net email addresses

It would be good if TalkTalk actually communicated this information to their customers. Although creating a new email address is easy enough customers should be given plenty of time to make the transition. If I was in this position myself I would want plenty of time to let all my friends know about my new email address as well as updating all my online accounts such as banking and utility bills.

Assuming the June date is correct then this gives users just under 4 months to create a new email address. In a future post we will talk about how users can keep all their old emails even after TalkTalk close access to it.

If you learn of any new information from TalkTalk then please let our readers know.

5 thoughts on “ email users have until June 2016!”

  1. Mine appears to have been taken over by another user. The password does not work. Some of my friends have complained about a lot of rubbish coming to them from that account. I would be happy if TalkTalk deleted it.

  2. It’s 29th August and I’m still using my email, is it suddenly going to cease?????? Should I do something now or just see how it goes then set up a new email address ???????

    1. Hi Jeff.
      It’s a very good question and unfortunately I don’t know whether your email address will die or not! From what I can tell from talking with various people, if you were a broadband customer who got sold/transferred to TalkTalk then I think your email address would have ceased in mid July.

      There seem to be a bunch of other people who have email addresses but have never had their broadband from Virgin. Some of these people seem to be continuing to use their email addresses without any problems and some have lost their email address over the past few weeks.

      Therefore, if you lost access to your emails tomorrow would your world fall apart? If so, then I recommend you setup a new email address and transfer your contacts and important emails over. Otherwise just take it as it comes!

      Hope this helps.

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