How long does it take to build a website?

At Maidenhead Computer Services we constantly talk about how if you have your own business then you need to have a website. Our eBook explains in great detail everything you need to know about building your own professional WordPress website on the 1&1 web hosting platform. But building your own website can seem like a huge task especially as you don’t know how long it’s going to take.

The aim of this article is to explain how long it will take you to build your website. We are going to assume that you are busy during the day running your business and in the evening you have other commitments such as looking after the family, playing sports and doing the weekly shop. As a result your time is limited and during an average week you may only be able to spare the odd hour in the evenings and a similar amount on the weekends on your website.

So, knowing how much time we have available let’s breakdown the process of creating a website and see how long it will take:

Choosing a name for your website

This could well be the longest part! It’s important to spend time thinking about what you’re going to call your website. We suggest you start off with a pen and paper and brainstorm a load of ideas. Good names can also strike at any time so make sure you always write them down so you can check their availability later.

Once you’ve got a list of possible names head on over to Domaintyper to check for the availability of domain name. Domaintyper is great because it enables you to check lots of domain names very fast. As soon as you start typing it tells you whether it is available or not.

Setting up a web hosting account

Once you have chosen your domain name you can setup your web hosting account. Our eBook explains in great detail how to setup a web hosting account with 1&1.

It will only take about 20 minutes to setup your web hosting account. Just make sure you have your credit card at hand and off you go. Once complete that’s it! As it will take a few hours for the domain name to get registered to your account we suggest you leave the next step for another day.

Installing WordPress

Another quick session today which should only take around 30 minutes or so. The purpose is to get WordPress installed on your 1&1 web hosting account and tied to your new domain name. 1&1 have what’s called a 1-click install for WordPress. It isn’t really just one click but the process is certainly straightforward. Again every step of this process is outlined in our eBook.

Creating your website

Once WordPress is installed you are ready to sit down for some longer sessions building your website. You’re going to need a few sessions to get your website together. Just take it one step at a time and you will get there. You need to think carefully about the text you are going to have on your website. It needs to read well and be clear and concise for visitors to your website.

Researching photos

Every website needs photos! And getting good photos is important because in the world of web development a pictures speaks a thousand words and people do judge a book by its cover! Read our blog post on how to find great photos for your new website.


We hope we’ve shown that regardless of how busy you are that you can find the time to create your own website. It’s just a matter of breaking the process down into easy to manage sections which on their own don’t take too long.

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