Require a password on wakeup missing in Windows 10

I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on my laptop, after the hard drive failed. I set it up that I didn’t have to login when Windows started. However, when the computer went to sleep I would have to enter my password which I found very annoying.

All the links I found on the internet referred to going to the Power Options in the Control Panel and clicking Require a password on wakeup. However, on my version of Windows 10 this option was not present.

After doing some more searching myself in Windows I found the solution

Go to Settings and then select Accounts.

Click Sign-in Options

Under Require sign-in select Never


If you find this solution then let us know in the comments below.



1 thought on “Require a password on wakeup missing in Windows 10”

  1. Exactly the answer needed, but for the opposite reason; Wanted computer to ask for a password after every lock, but it was inconsistent – Everyone said to look in control panel, but your account options were the corretc place to look; was set to 15 mins

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