Skype doesn’t recognise my webcam but it does recognise the microphone on the webcam

I got a new webcam the other day for the purposes of making Skype calls.It is a Logitech C920 Pro HD webcam. Now that it is working the picture quality and microphone quality are fantastic.Definitely 5 stars from me!

When I went into the settings of Skype the microphone on the webcam was recognised but it said there was no webcam.

This didn’t make any sense, especially as part of my troubleshooting I opened the Windows 10 camera app and the webcam worked perfectly!

How to enable Skype to see webcam in Windows 10

1. Go to the Windows Start button and open Settings

2. Search for Choose which apps can access your camera

3. Make sure Skype is turned on

A simple solution to a frustrating problem!

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