How to create a strong and easy to remember password

We spend our lives online and are constantly logging onto websites. Criminals want your passwords so they can access your emails, bank accounts and personal information.

At the same time we are constantly being told to have strong and secure passwords. We struggle to create passwords as well as remember them. When creating passwords we are told to add numbers and special characters which only leads us to be more confused. We will now show you how easy it is to create a password that is strong, easy to remember and unique for every website you logon to.

Unique passwords for every site

It’s important that every site you use has a different password. So, if one website gets compromised and your details get stolen they can’t use those details to steal your information from other websites.



Don’t use these words

Don’t just use words which can be found in a dictionary. And don’t think adding a number on the end will make it secure. Anything that is related to you such as your kids’ names, your address or even pet names should be avoided. These can often easily be found out by searching social media sites such as Facebook.


The foolproof system

Step 1

Think of a sentence or phrase.

I like walking my dog in the park

Take the 1st letter of each word: I like walking my dog in the park


Step 2

Add some random numbers and characters


Step 3

To make the password unique for every website you visit add a unique identifier. For example, an Am for Amazon, FB for Facebook etc.


We now have a system that is easy to remember and contains the requirements for a strong password:

  • More than 10 characters long
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Special characters
  • Numbers

Making it your own

Now you have a system it’s time to make it your own. You could vary the position of the random characters and numbers – all at the beginning or all at the end for example. You could choose a different identifier for each website. Just choose something that you can easily remember.


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