repair computer power supply

Repairing a computer’s power supply

If you’re unlucky enough for your computer to literally go bang and for the fuse circuit in your house to need resetting then you have probably just witnessed the power supply on your computer failing.

It’s a relatively rare thing to happen but when it does there will be lots of things running through your mind.

  • Will the computer still work?
  • Will my personal files and documents be safe?
  • Can it be repaired or will I have to buy a new computer?

repair computer power supply

The simple answer is we don’t know!

The first step will be to assess and test the power supply. If you live in or near Maidenhead we can do this for your for free. Once we’ve determined whether it’s working or not we can progress onto the next stage.

We will research the make and model of the power supply to help us determine what sort of surge protection is built into the power supply. The better quality it is the more likely the rest of the computer will be OK, although we can’t guarantee it.

If everything is looking positive from our side we will probably recommend replacing the power supply with a new one. It will cost upwards of £30 to buy a new one and then £50 to fit it. With a bit of luck everything will work fine.

If the computer is old then it might be best to consider replacing it. We can attempt to recover all your files and documents and photos from your old computer and then help you transfer them to your new computer.

So, if your computer has just died then don’t worry. We are just a phone call away and are here to help you get up and running again.

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