Cheapest way to get Microsoft Office 2016

If I told you that you could buy a fully licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2016 for around £10 you’d probably think I was lying. Either that or I was going to sell you a dodgy copy!

microsoft home use program

Well, you’d be wrong in both cases so let me explain how you can buy a legitimate copy of Microsoft Office for less than £10.

If you work for a company that makes use of Microsoft Volume Licensing then you should be eligible to purchase Office for £10. Essentially if you work in an office where there are lots of people using Microsoft Office (ie. Word, Excel and Outlook) then go and chat with the IT guys and ask them about the Microsoft Home Use Program.

They will give you a Program Code which you enter into the above website along with your business email address. Then it’s just a matter of entering your credit card details and downloading the full version of Microsoft Office.

If you aren’t able to take advantage of the Microsoft Home User program then stay tuned because in our next post we are going to talk about the difference between Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Home & Student edition so you can work out which one is best for your needs.



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