Broadband Filters

You are all probably familiar with broadband filters that have to be fitted to all the telephone sockets in your home. If you find that your broadband connection is intermittent then it is very likely that your filter needs replacing.


This morning whilst working on the internet my broadband connection kept on dropping and then reconnecting, dropping and reconnecting etc. I moved the router to the master BT socket and observed the lights. They all seemed to be stable. So I moved the router back to my study with a different filter and this seemed to solve the problem.

So, next time your broadband seems to be playing up and before you call in the experts or call your broadband provider check your filters. It might just save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Remember, if you have fibre optic broadband then you don’t need these filters as the new modems you have do all this work for you.

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