Backing up

Whenever someone’s computer crashes the first thing they are concerned about is all their documents and photos. At Maidenhead Computer Services one of the first things we will ask is whether they have their personal documents backed up. Very often the case is NO! The good news is they learn the hard way and enquire about backup utilities.


One of our favourite programs is cubby. Cubby is a newcomer to the world of online backup but is powered by a very reputable company called They specialise in enabling people to carry out remote services to their PCs.

With Cubby you get 5GB of free storage and then you can pay for extra on an annual basis. The program installs very easily onto your PC and then all you need to do is to specify which folders you want to make Cubbys. This is a great feature of Cubby because you don’t have to start moving all your existing folders around into one main folder. For example, in Dropbox you have to create a new folder on your computer and then move all your existing folders to become a sub folder of this main folder. All I can say is that is a pain!

As soon as your Cubbys are setup then everything starts syncing across the internet to back everything up. Download some photos from your camera to your computer then automatically they are backed up to the cloud and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Out at a friends house and want to show them your photos then just login to and show them your pictures. Want to share the photos with friends then just a simple click will create a secure link which you can share with your friends.

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