What to do if you have a @virgin.net email address

Update September 2022

According to one person who left a comment below if you go to Virgin Media website and login with your Virgin.Net email address and password it works!

If this works for you please let us know in the comments below.

Update – November 2021

This post was originally written in 2016 for the purposes of trying to warn people that they may lose their Virgin.net email address and what they should do about it. It soon turned into a popular blog post for people who lost their Virgin.net email address without any warning that it was going to be deleted.

Five years on and people are still losing their virgin.net email addresses without any prewarning. It’s certainly a sad state of affairs especially when neither Virgin or TalkTalk are taking any responsibility for the continued issue. Furthermore, neither seem interested in trying to help.

If you have suddenly discovered that your Virgin.net emails have stopped working then my understanding is that there is nothing that can be done to resolve the issue. According to the comments below you aren’t the first person to be suffering this lost and certainly won’t be the last.

If you access your emails via a program such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail then you should still have a record of all your emails on your computer. Once you have created a new email address you should be able inform people of your new address by finding all the email addresses in your Virgin.net account. It should also be possible to migrate the emails from this account to a new email account (contact me if you want advice on this).

Unfortunately, if you have only ever accessed your Virgin.net email via a web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc) then I’m afraid I don’t know of any solution. I fear you will have to bite the bullet and accept the emails are gone forever.

Below is the original post from 2016.

Original 2016 Post

If you are an old customer of Virgin broadband then you may have a @virgin.net email address. Virgin Media sold off part of their broadband division to TalkTalk earlier this year so they can focus solely on their fibre optic broadband.

If you have a @virgin.net email address then you only have around 5 months left before TalkTalk will delete the email address and you will have to choose a new email address such as your.name@talktalk.co.uk. We know a lot of people have had their @virgin.net email address for many years and are very disappointed to hear that they will be losing it. Unfortunately there is no way to keep it and you are going to have to change.

Get a Professional Email Address for your Business

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Update March 2016 - We have heard that virgin.net email users now have until June 2016! To learn more read our latest post - VIRGIN.NET EMAIL USERS HAVE UNTIL JUNE 2016!

Update January 2017 - Please read our latest post about Virgin possibly deleting @virgin.net email addresses

We want to help you with this transition so we are going to outline all of your options so you can make an informed decision. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to stick with a TalkTalk email address. And our advice at Maidenhead Computer Services is that you don’t and there are two main reasons for this:

  • If you ever decide to change broadband providers you will have to change your email address again.
  • If TalkTalk ever got taken over by another company then you could end up with having to change your email address again.


We recommend you look at a more permanent email solution and we outline a few options below.

Choose a free internet based email service

Companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple all offer free email addresses. You access the emails from a web browser or through their dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also configure them to be used with dedicated email programs such as Outlook and Mac Mail.


Once you have a Google account you have access to other services such as their cloud drive and Google Play. The former can be used to back up your documents and photos whilst Google Play is essential if you have an Android phone. You get plenty of free storage and you also get the power of Google search so it is always easy to find old emails. Go to https://accounts.google.com to sign up.


With Yahoo Mail you get 1TB of storage – that’s 1000GB! It’s very unlikely you’ll ever need this much space but if are one who needs lots of free storage then this could be the service for you. Go to https://uk.mail.yahoo.com/ to sign up.


Outlook.com is Microsoft’s new email service. It sort of replaces Hotmail although you can still choose a Hotmail address if you want. So, for example, if your name is John Smith you could choose either john.smith@hotmail.com or john.smith@outlook.com. Go to https://signup.live.com to sign up. By creating a new email you are essentially creating a Microsoft Account which will give you access to things like OneDrive backup.

If you are running Windows 8 or Windows 10 then you will already have a Microsoft Account. It might already be tied to your @virgin.net email address. If so, then don’t create a new account but login to your existing account and then add an alias @outlook.com or @hotmail.com email address.

Get a professional email address with your own domain name

You could purchase your own domain name and then have email addresses such as your.name@yourdomain.co.uk. You could also create more email address so, for example, everyone in your family had their own email address – sarah@yourdomain.co.uk, james@yourdomain.co.uk etc.


We suggest you click the add button and add co.uk to the list.

domaintyper screenshot


Then just try various domain names to check their availability.

Domain names cost around £10 per year and professional email hosting costs £3 per month. Read more about the professional email services we offer our customers.

In Summary

It is a good idea to create your new email address sooner rather than later so there is plenty of time to inform all your contacts about your new email address. You’ll also need to update your details with your bank, utility companies and social networks such as Facebook. We recommend you scroll through all your current emails and make a note of people, companies and organisations that you need to update with your new email address.

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55 thoughts on “What to do if you have a @virgin.net email address”

  1. It’s still happening……yesterday i suddenly lost access to my emails “authentication required”. And like many others I’ve had my @virgin.net email for 30 years. I’ve been a mobile phone customer and a broadband customer, but never managed to link the accounts (let’s face it, you have to have your hands in thumb screws before you actively consider calling VM!). Even more complex I think is that my email is a secondary account to my husband’s – which was fine as I used to be able to change my password from his webmail access – alas no longer possible.

    I’ve been through many many hoops this last 24 hours…….tried to access via outlook web and webmail, tried to reset password via web mail (I don’t think I ever set up my credentials so that’s no good), spoke to VM twice, VM told me to speak to TalkTalk (even their bot laughed at me!), someone at VM “reset” my password and told me to try again in 15 minutes (what do you think the outcome was!?) , and now I’m waiting for VM IT support to call me back within the next 5 days……..

    More worryingly is that my husband runs his business with his @virgin.net account – time for a change quickly I think!

  2. I thought I would share my recent experience. Like everyone else I have had a virgin.net email address for a very long time. Ups and downs over the years, but not until this week did I wake up one morning to try and access my mails as normal via my mail programme only to find out password was incorrect and could’t connect. I had in the past be able to enter via mail.virginmedia.com without problems but this also said password incorrect. So I thought perhaps I had been hacked and tried the forgot password route. Anyway after various attempts and confirming data and then entering acceptable password combinations, it said I could not have that password but to try another. This happened for awhile, nothing. So I went back and tried again but this time it said it could not confirm my details and to ring customer service. So I phoned from my mobile, after various recorded messages asking for non-existent account details I hit a variation of buttons including star and hash keys I was sent a couple of text links and finally got through to a person, who could not help but did give me the phone number for this actual company!!
    Anyway as a last resort I clicked on one of the text messages and it took me to the old virginmedia email site and somehow perhaps in the past I had set up biometric identification because with this it showed me my mail, including a mail that had arrived overnight saying my password had been successfully changed which timewise was before I even knew I had a problem. Unfortunately on this page I cannot change my password (sends me to the main virginmedia page) but I could set up auto forwarding to another email address (set up a new gmail address for this purpose) and also clicked on never sign out and leave this webpage open so I can see that mails are still getting through whilst I go through the tedious chore of changing emails on all the accounts/web pages that use this particular address. I have another virgin.net email address which can access via the main virginmedia account page (although I have no account) and so far that still works okay, but I have done the above to it as well just in case. Still stuck really as I would like to access this via my mail account but it looks like I may have to say goodbye to this virgin.net email but at least I can access it in a small way. If anyone by chance knows how I could fully access it again I would be most grateful.

    1. I had another Virgin customer phone me up the other day and she told me that Virgin had given her my number! This was the first time I was aware that Virgin were ‘recommending’ me to solve their problems. At least it shows that Virgin know there is a problem with their virgin.net emails but they seem very reluctant to do anything about it.

    2. Sorry I also meant to add to my comments was a question regarding the below email that most likely caused my problem, it was not something that I had done or asked for at that point. I found it in my inbox once I was able to see it online. If I try to change my password it doesn’t let me, yet someone/somewhere has, hence I can no longer connect via my mail programme or directly when signing in (my password doesn’t ‘exist’). Is this evidence of being hacked or is this something rogue going on at virginmedia effectively cancelling out or email accounts? Any clues?

      ———- Original Message ———-
      From: Virgin Media Web Team
      To: “.”
      Date: 23/02/2023 03:36
      Subject: You’ve successfully changed your password (KMM85008875V23345L0KM)


      Your My Virgin Media password has now been changed. You’ll need to use your new password to sign in to My Virgin Media from now on.

      Kind regards,
      The Virgin Media team

      1. Hi Sarah
        Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties accessing your emails. My wife found this link to access my virgin .net account :
        Only input your virgin.net email and existing password not Virgin media details.
        It’s worked for me and others.
        Good luck

        1. Hi

          Thanks for the message but unfortunately the link you give just takes me to the virginmedia email log in and doesn’t accept my original password as somewhere/someone has changed it (apparently as per the email received above). So when I try to do forgot password to set up a new one, I get this message:

          You can’t use that password. Please choose another.
          Create a strong password to protect your account

          Moderate and complies with all the requirements but it just won’t let me change it.

          I have been able to view it and put auto forwarding on by another means but I want to regain control of my account so that I can access it again via my mail programme.
          The annoying thing is that for the website I have found to be able to view it, you cannot change the password there but again it takes me to the same page as your link above.

  3. Password reset no longer works and the link above has stopped working – any access to emails are now completely lost.

    It’s a nightmare trying to get through to “tech support” and even when you get through, they are absolutely clueless.

    Mine is a legacy account (30 years) and I don’t have a current virgin media account – so I’m classed as non-customer.

    Looks like this could be the end.

    1. Hello
      Sorry to hear that you are having problems I know how you are feeling as far as I’m aware you don’t need a Virgin media account, simply enter the link
      mail.virginmedia.com in your browser then
      Input your original Virgin.net email address (don’t add anything to it)
      Then enter your password and hopefully your email account will open. It’s worked for me and others good luck
      Please let me know if it works.

      1. hello Les,
        unfortunately this method did not work for me, no matter what I tried, very much like one of the other victim who replied and mentioned about “changing passwords” etc. and the help desk issues both was useless for me, if however you have any other good ideas in the future which could definitely work please like this one, do not hesitate to pass it on.
        Kind regards.

  4. Don’t be fooled by the password reset error!!!

    Thanks I just thought I’d post some advice here and I am very sorry to those that have lost their email. I tried this for my wife yesterday 9/11/22 and unfortunately it didn’t work. Virgin Media have a password reset tool and despite going through with the password we know works on her iphone the online browser wasn’t accepting it.

    Reluctantly, I changed the password, bad move! They system returns an error message (even with a perfectly acceptable password, meeting all their criteria etc, length, complexity) so it fails and she has been locked out, completely of her email, she wasn’t best pleased as she’s had the account for over 20 years!

    We called virgin media and of course they start by asking us some basic security questions. What was our account number? Back in 1998 I didn’t even have an account – it was a free to register a virgin net email account! what was my area code! We weren’t able to provide this so they couldn’t help us any further citing GDPR regs 🙁

    Anyway, I persisted and spoke to someone else at Virgin. They told me that sometimes the system throws an error when resetting your password. They suggested setting a password, even if it throws an error to wait 1 hr and try logging in with that password. Which I did and hey presto it works!

    I think I definitely need to start migrating my email across now after some of these comments. This is a great site, so thanks for putting it together, and condolances to those of you that have lost email it is absolutely outrageous and anyone from Virgin reading this should be ashamed :-\

  5. Hello peeps
    My wife has just accessed my Virgin.net email account through Virgin media by inputting mail.virginmedia.com in your browser and fill in your email address/ password.
    It works

    1. Hello Les, my virgin email just recently failed completely out of the blue and if what your saying about your wife accessing your virgin.net email account is true, can you confirm if one needs to have a virgin media account in the first place to make this happen. Also as written above “mail.virginmedia.com”, would I for example put in say, “richard.branson@virgin.net.virginmedia.com” and then the pass word? I myself have tried a few combinations and none has worked. Many apologies if am sounding thick in the head I just need it all to be precise so I too can get my 30 year old email account to work again. Kind regards.

  6. I had on Twitter with a representative from Virgin on twitter. Lots of warm words and sympathy but no offer to help.

    In my case it seems as though twenty years as a customer count for nothing but maybe one of you may have some luck. For some reason my account was not linked to my email address. I find it strange as every time I speak to them they ask for your email address. I tried to correct that when I first spoke to them after my email stopped working in the Virginmedia web portal but they just led me up the garden path. The representative is responding to tweets though.

    We should really raise the profile of this. It’s scandalous how they have treated customers with no regard for their well being or the effect that deleting a primary means of communication has on customers and the lost of data, some of it irrecoverable has on people and their business. They are happy to take your money but when it comes to actually helping paying customers then your previous contributions count for nothing.

    Good luck.


    1. Have Virgin Media actually deleted the data or are they just denying access to it? I and others have successfully sent emails to this supposedly deleted account but no ‘Unable to deliver’ message is sent to the sender so such senders assume that their email has gone through. Has anyone else had this problem?
      I agree that this issue needs to be raised over a wider audience and have previously suggested that we could utilise some of the consumer groups such as Martin Lewis or BBC’s Watchdog. Adverse publicity generally seems to elicit a reaction which individuals more often than not. Maybe complaint to OFCOM might get us somewhere.

      1. I agree I have lost all access to my emails and really need to get them back. I have been on the phone multiple times to virgin and the last time they said I will get them back in 3-5 days and it has not happened. I am thinking of pulling everything from virgin over this.

      2. I lost mine on 15 March 2020 right at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tracked the issue being after all Virgin Media legacy accounts were transferred to Talk Talk, the latter decided to stop supporting them (e.g. virgin.net, Telewest etc). Evidently, notice was given to those who had formally migrated to Talk Talk accounts. But I was no longer with VirginMedia for Bb service but maintained access by keeping £10 in my virgin.net account on the advice of their Tech Support team at the time.
        Maybe for that reason, on that arrangement, my account was still with VirginMedia but my legacy email management was transferred to Talk Talk with the rest. I therefore never received any account ‘welcome’ notice from TalkTalk. Thus not the subsequent notice to terminate support.
        Therefore trying to get help from VirginMedia they just pointed me to Talk Talk. I then found on TalkTalk site that they had a page for VM legacy accounts holders at the time to deal with the transfer by entering our legacy address but it didn’t recognise mine! That’s when I worked out it may be because I had just left money in my virgin account but had no chargeable service from them. If that page on TalkTalk is still there (I can’t find it anymore) you may be lucky enough to retrieve yours this way.
        In my case, I found out TalkTalk had started removing batches of legacy accounts from the end of 2019. It was almost impossible to get through to TalkTalk by phone. I was getting somewhere by Live Chat who also can’t find my legacy address for possibly my above reason but was eventually prepared to request their server support team to investigate. However, LiveChat service was pulled by TalkTalk over the UK lockdown! So I never got any answers.
        I came across help by Guardian to a virgin.net customer with this issue last year, but when I emailed the Guardian for even just his VirginMedia contact. they didn’t even bother to reply.
        As this issue is going on and if others had maintained their Virgin legacy account by leaving some money with Virgin Media like myself- maybe there is a contract/ liability case by a Class Action for failure in Duty of Care. As it can’t be difficult to send an imminent Service Termination Notice to each email account. If legacy accounts are taking them 3 years to close down by batches, there must be enough of us out there for them to take notice even if each financial claim is small! I have lost so many important emails and still coming across accounts that I have still registered with it and therefore lost notices from them!

  7. On the 27th October 2021 my Virgin email box vanished with all my stored emails and email service. All gone and Virgin no use at all!! Everybody I talked to told me something different . Excuses I’ve had were-
    It’s all been deleted, sorry.
    There has been an outage and it will be back in 48 hours. (No it wasn’t.)
    Tec will ring back . (No they didn’t)
    Talk Talk deals with this. (No they don’t)
    Go on to Virgin Forums and see what they say. (Not my Job).
    Take out a broadband account and we can get it back. (I did and they didn’t)
    48 hours and it will be sorted (No it wasn’t)
    Rang off
    Rang off
    They set up the virgin.net email on a microsoft account?? Which has vanished??

    I’ve given up and will never deal with Virgin Media again..


  8. Another victim here…….my virgin.net email account of many years standing has been unavailable for the last 3 days. I have always been able to access it through the virgin media page, yet their “technical department” today told me that virgin.net is nothing to do with them and is not supported by them. Their only suggestion was that I should search on Google to find the supplier of the virgin.net email service and contact them!! This is scandalous and proves that this company does not have any concept of ethics or morals. This has had major financial impact on many people and I would be willing to join a group legal action against them for damages. If any solicitors out there are willing to take this on, please do.

    1. Recognise the frustration! One fact I have gleaned from this fiasco is that it is only the access that is blocked, the account actually remains open in that a ‘message not delivered’ is not sent to the sender as I have found when sending a message to the virgin.net address and had it confirmed by others so presumably these emails are being accumulated somewhere. Has anyone else noted this?
      I suggest that rather than try to bring a legal action which won’t generate much publicity, we use the good offices of BBC’s Watchdog, ITV’s Martin Lewis and even TripAdvisor to bring this situation to a much wider audience as I guess that a little public adverse publicity will probably generate a fairly rapid response from Virgin Media whether they own the email service or not. I used a negative review on TripAdvisor against E.ON Next when I was not getting any response from their customer service number after several attempts over a month or so and got a reply from them within 24 hours.

  9. Virgin Media and Talk Talk made an agreement to connect fast broadband to customers in London SW6 some time ago.
    My attempts to preserve my virgin.net email address by maintaining a Virgin Media account were rejected by Virgin Media
    as they had no fast broadband connection to SW6. Virgin Media have now disconnected my virgin.net email address without warning after 20 years of constant use for all my business and personal accounts. Both Virgin Media and Talk Talk have shown total disregard for their customers and should be investigated for breach of contract by the Media Ombudsman. In my case many years of business information has been erased along with all relevant email addresses and contact details.

  10. I too have lost over 20 years of emails without warning. I phoned virgin and the end result was, after speaking to at least 5 people, the account is deleted, everything is gone, nothing we can do. Surely this is not right, are they being held to account for this? They or someone should be letting people who have had these accounts for decades, know that they are about to lose everything from their emails – contacts, important documents etc – everything. Does anyone know if there has been any press or media coverage to warn people of this? For many people, the information contained in their email account is irreplaceable and vitally important and Virgin does not care, at all.

    1. Carol Mitchell

      This has just happened to me too after 20 odd years. I can’t get any sense out of Virgin having phoned several times and been passed around departments.
      I desperately need access to my account, even if it’s just to save all my addresses and go through my folders to retrieve information which is essential. If I could put a redirect notice on there at least emails might get forwarded to a gmail account and people would know the account is dead. I can still send emails to that address without any sign they are inaccessible by me. It’s a total nightmare.
      Did you get anywhere or do you have any advice?

  11. My virgin.net address is still working and I understand that it will as long as I remain a virginmedia broadband customer. I have a contingency in place – an outlook.com address with the same prefix as virgin, but not looking forward to updating the email address for all the orgs that I am involved with. Hopefully over time as we move more to apps, email will be less important.

  12. Well, I have just joined the growing ranks of those who have lost, in my case some 20 years, accumulation of contact addresses and other data through this arbitrary cutoff with, it would seem no opportunity to retrieve any of it. It was OK at 2.00pm on 21 September and gone by 10.00pm that evening. I too spent 3 hours with Virgin Media’s so called technical support but to no avail, they didn’t appear to be aware of these arbitrary cutoffs and, if they were they lacked the courage to say so. I now have another email address and face the daunting prospect of rebuilding a contact list. Needless to say I now regard Virgin Media in any guise as being totally unreliable and lcking even the most basic under standing of what ids meant by customer service; my advice to anyone who has any sort service from Virgin Media is to get out of it as quickly as possible. The sooner this unscrupulous company is driven out of business the better.

  13. i have just lost my access to virgin after more than thirty years, wasted days trying to fix without knowing its now dead. they should and could have informed their loyal customers. patrick

  14. This happened to me a year ago. I have been trying to gain access but Virgin refer me to TalkTalk and TalkTalk refer me to Virgin. I have not given up completely but I don’t understand how they can just do this. The amount of information and contacts that have been lost is soul destroying.

  15. Sadly I join the chorus of frustrated Virgin customers – my virgin.net address has vanished yesterday, with no notice. Same nightmare of notifying everybody and changing the address with apps, etc. Has anyone got some tips on the most efficient way of shifting to another address?

    1. Given the increase in recent comments it seems Virgin/TalkTalk are on a purge of the virgin.net email addresses. It really is unbelievable that they are deleting people’s email accounts without any prewarning. I would recommend either Gmail or Outlook.com for a new email address – they both offer free email services. You’ll need to update all online accounts with your new email address and also notify all your friends. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of an easy stress free process to do this.

    1. Absolutely virgin and talk talk. Avoid defiantly. Lost loads of emails which where super important , no help what’s so ever. Passing the issues to each other.

  16. Hi I have just lost my @virgin.net email account without any notice. I have lost everything even my contact addresses including my business ones. I have spoken to virgin and they have passed me on to Talk Talk who deny any knowledge of the problem.
    Has anyone been able to retrieve any of their lost data?

  17. Hi,

    I have the same problem. I lost access to my email account last year without being provided with any notice. Virgin say it is for TalkTalk to sort out. TalkTalk say it is Virgin Media’s issue to resolve. I cannot believe that they can just shutdown your email address like that.

    It has had a massive impact on my life and there are some people / companies whose only way of contacting me would have been via email. How can such a destructive policy be allowed to be implemented without any consideration on how it effects consumers?

    They could have at least provided a service allowing temporary access to the email account so that people could get their affairs in order and to provide their contacts with an alternative email address. When you have had a virgin.net domain email address for a long time it is obviously going to become an important part of someone’s life.

  18. hi got the same been using the .net address for too many years to say (30yrs) just found out they have deleted it and can no longer use “may 2021” so suppose ive had a good run ! now the joy of updating all my apps and so on

  19. Hi, my virgin.net emails stopped on 9/3/21. I had no idea this was going to happen. I have had no notice.
    What is worrying me now is that the account is still open, emails to it do not bounce back.
    The account is being hacked, old emails regarding my children’s personal details are being forwarded to my contacts, my back has had dodgy emails, my social media accounts and childrens gaming accounts have been hacked. I have phoned Virginmedia and they want nothing to do with me.
    How is this acceptable?

  20. Hi I have the same problem which started 4 days ago, tried talking to virgin call centre passed around several dept with no help. Doesn’t seem talk talk will be helpful. Will try virgin again tomorrow. No warning of email address closing.
    Not happy

  21. I had tried to access my email though my naybours virgin media account as he was able to get customer services involved with tracking it down. They couldn’t access it no longer on there system. ? Talk talk said the same thing.
    Some one someware must know what’s going on. A quick chq to see if the emails live is an email surch on th web and it shows as still live.
    It’s really frustrating. Never again virgin or talk talk.

  22. This is still an issue,
    I’ve just spent almost 2 days trying to resolve this
    Virgin media say it belongs to Talk Talk, who say that I need to take it up with Virgin Media.
    Nobody, anywhere seems to have a a solution.
    My emails are still coming through on my phone and to outlook, but I can’t send any from Outlook. And can’t access them through the Virginmedia home page.
    My wife is also had a lifetime Virgin.net email account – which seems still to be working.
    I don’t understand it myself, if virgin sold the domain to talk talk, whose servers are the emails on??? Virgins or Talk Talks?
    I can’t seem to find a solution to this problem anywhere on the internet…

    1. Yes, after 5 years this is still an issue for people and people aren’t aware of the issue until it’s too late and they can’t do anything about it…

  23. I had my virgin.net email for over 20 years its been working fine up until i joined virginmedia in July 2020 and it suddenly stopped working. Like everybody else my life is associated with this email. I kept getting refffered to the tech dept for them to sort it only to be told its not a virginmedia problem? – had i not joined virginmedia would my virgin.net email still be working? i think it would have as it only gave a “update password” error – easy to fix i thought ! now nearly end of August and my frustration and anger that virginmedia are unable to sort this (what i think) is a simple fix. There were no notification or communication with myself that my virgin.net email would be made redundant, what’s going on i ask myself. If anyone knows how to rectify this problem please share.

    ps – i have nothing to do with Talk-Talk (Never called and them Never joined them ever)

    1. I have the same problem, I seem to still receive some virgin.net emails on my phone but can’t access them through virgin.net. I have a yahoo email account which is linked to this one if I forget/no longer have my password – which I don’t, and can’t find a way to reactivate it as it is only linked to my virgin.net account

  24. Having the same problem with my old Mum’s Virgin.net account, no help available anywhere…does anyone have any updates on their experiences? This has only happened this month….‍♂️

    1. hi got the same been using the .net address for too many years to say (30yrs) just found out they have deleted it and can no longer use “may 2021” so suppose ive had a good run ! now the joy of updating all my apps and so on

  25. just an update has anybody manage to gain acces to there email accounts. am still on virgin .net and only now its gone down.. have contacted virn media who past me to talk talk. they say nothing to do with us.
    any help please this is so annoying

  26. Mel, have you worked it out? I’m on the phone to talk talk now and am in the same situation as you. So frustrating. If I had a warning it must have gone to spam…

  27. I didn’t know about this until my email account stopped working yesterday. I spent over 30 minutes trying to get information from Virgin – the CS people knew nothing. I was directed to TalkTalk, who denied knowledge of this. I’m in a total mess, as my financial and social contacts require that I click a link on both old and new email addresses in order to authorise the change of the email reference.

    1. I spoke to 2 people last week who said they had lost access to their virgin.net emails! Seems to be happening randomly and Virgin won’t do anything about it when it does happen!

  28. Only just found out my virgin.net email no longer exists. I rarely logged into it, as it was used for my Paypal, Facebook etc. I had no idea this had happened and am completely disgusted. I won’t be putting any future business in Virgin or TalkTalk’s direction ever again!

  29. Help – this can’t happen – I’m self employed and thousands of my hard earned customers will be lost

    1. Hi Sam
      I can fully appreciate your pain. How do you currently access your virgin.net emails? Through a web browser or through an email client such as Outlook? Using a client such as Outlook is probably your best method to download and save all your emails.

  30. Talk Talk say that they are looking at ways of supporting this post June 2016. Virgin say this is not possible and indeed that even returning customers will find virgin.net emailing unavailable after June. What a mess? These two were keen to do the deal but not interested in the several thousand self employed people now facing a major problem in moving, notifying contacts etc.

    1. I agree, it is a total mess! I’ve heard from one person today who says she can’t access her emails through the virginmedia website anymore and is now going mad as a result of losing all her emails and contact details.
      Let’s hope TalkTalk provide some clarity soon!

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