Using a MSI Wind Notebook in 2021

A customer brought in a really old MSI U100 Series Wind Notebook today! This is one seriously old laptop. It was running Windows XP and he wanted to know if it could be upgraded.

Windows 10 on a MSI U100 Notebook

The first thing I did was to see if the computer could support Windows 10. I installed a new hard drive and installed Windows 10 32 bit without any major problems. However, it was really, really slow! Opening Edge and trying to surf the internet was just painful. I decided that Windows 10 was not going to work.


Linux on a MSI U100 Notebook

I then installed Xubuntu onto the notebook and it went well. We now have a laptop that runs Xubuntu 32 bit and can browse the web without any major problems.

The customer is really happy as his young kids can use the laptop for some basic web browsing and homework.



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