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The best upgrade for your computer (so you don’t have to buy a new one)

best upgrade for your computer so you don't have to buy a new one

Is your computer old and running slow? Does it take ages to boot up and open applications? 

Have you thought about buying a new one but don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a new one?

If so, then learn why upgrading your existing hard drive to a SSD will significantly improve its performance and save you lots of money!

Prices from £115

Why computers slow down over time

All computers slow down over time. This is just a fact of life. However, there are things you can do to mitigate this and for this I recommend you read my eBook.

The main reasons why your computer has slowed down over the years is:

  • Windows junk and temporary files have accumulated. Windows creates temporary files and doesn’t always delete them. When too many accumulate things start to slow down.
  • Programs are running in background which you don’t use and are therefore eating up RAM.
  • Windows Update is corrupt. Windows updates are very important but sometimes the update program itself gets corrupted which causes everything else to slow down.
  • Windows system files are corrupted
  • Anti-virus program is corrupted. Sometimes your 3rd party antivirus program becomes corrupted which results in everything else slowing down.
  • Other software program such as Google Chrome has got corrupted. A simple reinstall usually solves these sorts of problems.

What doesn’t slow your computer down

There are many myths on what slow down your computer. Here are just two of them.

Having lots of photos on your computer

FALSE – having lots of photos on your computer does not slow down the computer.

Having lots of programs installed on your computer

FALSE – just because you have lots of software programs installed on your computer doesn’t mean it will be slow. However, if these programs are all starting up when you boot up your computer and running in the background then this can slow down the computer. However, there is no need to uninstall the program. You just need to tell Windows to not start the program at startup.

Why the hard drive is a bottleneck in your computer

There are 3 main components inside your computer which work closely together to make your computer work. They are the CPU, RAM and the hard drive. CPU processes data inside your computer but can only hold a very small amount of data at a time so it uses RAM to store more data which it access rapidly. The CPU and RAM both run very, very fast. The data the CPU processes comes from the hard drive. When it requests data from the hard drive it is put into RAM, as a temporary storage place. The process of getting data from the hard drive into RAM is very slow because hard drives are very slow. If we can increase the speed of hard drives then we can significantly improve the performance of the computer.

The CPU and RAM work really fast but hard drives have always been very slow so they are a bottleneck.


Traditional hard drives are mechanical spinning devices, They comprise a disk with platters and a moving arm which reads data off the platter, not too dissimilar to a record player.

Over last few years we’ve seen a new type of hard drive called a SSD become more popular and more affordable. They can read and write data so much faster which means data can get into RAM quicker which significantly speeds up your computer. Another bonus is that SSDs have no moving parts so your computer will be much quieter - no more whirring noises from your computer so you can work in peace!

If your existing computer is a few years old it is likely that it already has a good CPU and RAM but is being held back with the mechanical hard drive. Upgrading the computer with a SSD will make a huge difference - watch this video to see how much faster a computer boots up with a SSD. We believe installing a SSD is the best upgrade for your computer that money can buy.

Superfast boot times

Even if your computer is 10 years old it can probably benefit from a SSD upgrade. The short video below shows a 5 year old laptop which was upgraded with a 480GB SSD and a fresh installation of Windows 10. As you can see the laptop boots up from cold to the desktop in under 13 seconds!

Sounds Great! How much does it cost?

Prices start from £110. This includes the new SSD, a fresh installation of Windows 10 and copying across all your personal files and photos and installing software programs you use*.


*We will need your installation disks/files as well as relevant license keys to reinstall software programs.

Q. How long does the upgrade take?

We usually turn the job round in 24 hours. Same day service can be offered if required.

Q. My laptop is over 7 years old. Will it benefit from a SSD upgrade?

Absolutely! We’ve upgraded computers which are over 10 years old and customers have been really happy with how well their computer runs.

Q. My computer is running Windows 8. Can I upgrade to a SSD?

Yes you can! And what’s even better is we can give you a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Q. My computer is running Windows 7. Can I upgrade to a SSD?

Yes you can! And what’s even better is we can give you a free upgrade to Windows 10. As Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft we strongly recommend that you do upgrade.

Q. My computer is running Windows Vista. Can I upgrade to a SSD?

A. If your computer is running Windows Vista then unfortunately your computer is going to be too old to upgrade. Furthermore, you can’t benefit from the free upgrade to Windows 10. Therefore we recommend that you buy a new Windows 10 laptop. Give us a call for advice and how we can help you transfer files to the new one.

Q. My computer is running Windows XP. Can I upgrade to a SSD?

Unfortunately not. Please see our answer for Windows Vista above.

Q. What size hard drive do I need?

A. For most people we recommend a 480GB SSD. If you have lots and lots of photos and videos then you might need a 1TB hard drive. If you don’t use your computer to store documents and photos then you might find a 240GB sufficient. When we see your current computer we can advise on what hard drive you need.

Q. Will I lose all my personal files and photos?

No way! We can copy across all your personal files and photos to the new SSD as part of the full package.

Q. What about the programs I have installed?

Programs have to be reinstalled onto Windows. We can help you with the reinstallation of programs you use. We often find a lot of programs installed on the computer are never used so they don’t have to be reinstalled.

Q. Is it possible to just copy the old hard disk to the new SSD?

We generally recommend that customers go for a fresh installation of Windows 10. This will ensure that your computer runs at its best. However, it is possible to clone your existing hard drive to a SSD. This can be the best option when you have lots of specialist software installed which you don’t have the ability to reinstall. For example, you no longer have the installation disks or license keys.

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