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How to Fix Your Slow Windows 10 PC


If you have you just purchased How to fix your slow Windows 10 PC from Amazon then you've come to the right place to download the software you need to go through the 7 steps to make your computer faster.

To learn more about this book and details on what the 7 steps are you can read my blog post - Why your computer is so slow.

The book outlines step-by-step how to significantly improve the performance of your PC. The steps I go through in the book are exactly the same steps I go through when I fix my customers' slow computers.

You can purchase the book from Amazon for £4.99 for your Kindle or £9.98 in paperback.

Downloads required to use the Book

If you have recently purchased a copy of How to Fix Your Slow Windows 10 PC here are links to the downloads you need.


Step 1 - Hard Drive Integrity


Alternatively click this link - https://osdn.net/projects/crystaldiskinfo/downloads/72256/CrystalDiskInfo8_4_2.exe/


Step 2 - A Malware Scan


Alternatively click this link - https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download/thankyou/


If you get stuck

If you get stuck whilst using out book please let us know. I'd love to know what has gone wrong so we can help you.

Remote login

If you need extra help with your computer I am able to help you remotely. Please see my remote login services for more details.


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