Remote Tech Support throughout the UK

Although I live in Maidenhead that doesn't mean you can't benefit from the fantastic service I offer my local customers. If your computer has access to the internet then it's highly likey I can help! So it doesn't matter if you are in Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff or anywhere else in the UK I can help.

Using a clever bit of software called AnyDesk I am able to see your computer and help you, just as if I was sitting next to you in person. If you've ever used TeamViewer then this operates in exactly the same way. I just think AnyDesk is better!

You always remain in control and see what I am doing.

You only pay at the end when you are happy with the service I've provided. I will send you a link so you can pay online. As simple as paying for anything on the internet.

The first 15 minutes is FREE! 

To give you full confidence in trying out our remote login service the first 15 minutes is free. We can chat about your problem and I can show you how I can help. After the 15 minutes I am confident that you will want to carry on but if not then no problem at all.


Call us now on 01628 298 820

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How it works

1. Go to

2. Click on the red Free Download button.

3. Open the downloaded file.

4. Arrange a session with Robert who will then be able to help you.

To learn how to open the download in Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers click here.

Anydesk homepage

How much does it cost?

The cost is £40 per hour but I only charge when I’m doing useful stuff. For example, fixing many computer problems requires doing scans which take time. When these scans are running I won’t charge you for my time.

I only charge for each minute I am actually helping you. So if the job takes 5 minutes the cost will be £3.30 and if it takes 40 minutes it will only cost you £26. The average cost to fix a computer is around £40-£50.

And of course, if I can’t fix your problem you won’t pay a penny.

How does payment work?

Everything we do is based on trust. There’s no need to pay in advance or put money into my account before I help you. I will help you and once you are happy I will send you payment details. You can pay online via credit/debit card as well as via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What problems can you fix?

I can fix a wide range of Windows PC problems including:

  • Slow computers
  • Virus removal
  • Installing software
  • Setting up Office 365
  • Setting up OneDrive
  • Setting up DropBox and other cloud storage backup solutions
  • Setting up Outlook and email accounts
  • Making changes to your WordPress website

Do you do Macs?

Unfortunately I can't fix Macs.

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