Microsoft Exchange Online vs IONOS 1&1 Email

My website ( is hosted with IONOS / 1&1. I used to use IONOS / 1&1 for my emails ( as well but I wasn't finding the service to be very good. I migrated all my emails from IONOS to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online



IONOS / 1&1's email system certainly worked OK but I was having two main problems:

  • Customer's weren't receiving my emails because they were ending up in their spam/junk mailboxes.
  • I was getting a lot of spam despite having the spam filters turned on in the 1&1 Control Panel.


So I migrated my emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online but kept my website and domain name with IONOS / 1&1. Microsoft have a good wizard to facilitate the process of setting up an account and migrating your emails. The main steps involved are:

  • Setup new Microsoft 365 account
  • Verify domain ownership with Microsoft
  • Make changes to DNS records so all new emails come into new email account
  • Backup all existing emails into PST file and/or copy them to new email address
  • Copy all existing emails into Microsoft 365
  • Copy calendar entries and contacts into Microsoft 365




By following all the steps above you won't lose any existing emails and new emails will be delivered via Microsoft Exchange Online. Setting up a new Outlook account was very straightforward as you just enter your email address and password and Outlook does the rest.

Advantages of migrating your emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

I quickly noticed a performance boost in my emails. I was getting less spam and I was getting replies from customers who I had emailed. I installed the Outlook app on my phone and was able to keep all my emails synchronised.

Another benefit of Exchange Online is the calendar and contacts. I now have a synchronised calendar across all my devices and all my contacts in Outlook also appear on my Android phone. This makes it easy to phone customers when I'm out of my office and to also keep track of all my appointments.


Microsoft Exchange has definitely improved my business. For just £3+VAT per month it really is excellent value for money. I have helped many self-employed customers and people who run small businesses to migrate their emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online and they have reported similar benefits to what I have outlined above. Wherever you are based I can help you via a remote login service. You can read more about how to migrate your emails and the service I offer on my How to migrate your emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online page.

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