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The Maidenhead Computer Services website is hosted with 1&1. Up until recently I also used 1&1 for my emails – info@maidenheadcs.co.uk. I now use Microsoft Online Exchange for my emails and this post is to explain why I made the change.

1&1’s email system certainly worked OK but I was beginning to have two main problems:

  • Customer’s weren’t receiving my emails because they were ending up in their spam/junk mailboxes.
  • I was getting a lot of spam despite having the spam filters turned on in the 1&1 Control Panel.



So I signed up for a trial of Microsoft Exchange Online. It is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 offering. When you first setup an email account it will have an address with the following format:

yourname@your domain.onmicrosoft.com

To actually have yourname@yourdomain.com you need to modify the DNS server records for your domain. This is done in the 1&1 control panel and Microsoft provide detailed step-by-step instructions on all the steps required.

Once the DNS records were setup my emails started coming through Exchange. Setting up a new Outlook account was very straightforward as you just enter your email address and Outlook does the rest.

I quickly noticed a performance boost in my emails. I was getting less spam and I was emailing customers who were replying!

More recently I imported all my 1&1 emails into Exchange Online via the online wizard found in the Admin section of Office 365. For £3 per month the cost is negligible and the benefits are huge.

More advantages

Another benefit of Exchange Online is the calendar and contacts. I now have a synchronised calendar across all my devices and all my contacts in Outlook also appear on my Android phone. This makes it easy to phone customers when I’m out of my office and to also keep track of all my appointments.



Microsoft Exchange has definitely improved my business. For just £3 per month it really is a bargain. If you would like to move to Exchange Online and need some professional help then contact us today.

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