Microsoft Exchange Online vs IONOS 1&1 Email

If you feel like your emails aren’t being delivered to your customers then discover the benefits of migrating your emails to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.

When I originally setup my business I purchased the domain name and webhosting space with IONOS (1&1). I created a WordPress website and setup an email address through the control panel of IONOS’s website. It was easy to setup both of these features and everything worked well.

I setup the email account in Outlook as I prefer Outlook for managing my emails compared to other programs such as Thunderbird or the online webmail systems that IONOS provided.

Everything with the website was working well and I thought the emails were also working well. Customers were emailing me and I was emailing them back. I was winning business and life was good, as they say. But after awhile I noticed a few strange things. I would email a customer who I knew would reply but they didn’t reply. I would then phone the customer up and ask them if they got my email and they said no. When I asked them to check their spam folder they found my email.

What was even stranger was sometimes customers would receive an email from me and the next day it would go straight to their junk folder. At this point I knew I had to find an alternative solution. These lost emails were costing me business. How many other customers had thought to themselves that I had not bothered to reply when in fact the email I sent was probably sitting in their spam/junk folder.

Advantages of moving to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

Less spam

Reliable email delivery

Large mailbox

Synchronised calendar and contacts

Furthermore, I was getting a lot of spam in my own inbox which was very frustrating. And this was despite the fact I had turned on the spam filter in the IONOS control panel.

Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

I did a lot of research and decided that Microsoft Exchange Online (now part of Microsoft 365) would provide me with the solution I needed.



I still have my IONOS webhosting account which is used to host my domain name and my website. But all emails now go through Microsoft 365. This is achieved by changing DNS records in the IONOS control panel. Microsoft 365 have an excellent wizard to help you with the process of updating your DNS records.

Once the DNS records have been updated all emails will be routed through Microsoft 365. How you access these emails is up to you – Outlook is your best option but you can also do it online using Outlook on the web. If you have a Mac you can get Microsoft Outlook or use Apple Mail program but Outlook is the preferred option.

Microsoft 365 also gives me added advantages of calendar and contacts. And these stay synchronised across my laptop, my desktop PC and my mobile phone. I also like how my business contacts are kept separate from my personal contacts on my phone but accessing them is seamless.

Advantages of migrating your emails from IONOS to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online

As soon as the switchover and migration was completed I noticed an improvement. I was getting less spam and more importantly I was getting replies from customers who I had emailed.

As my business has grown being able to have a synchronised calendar across all my devices is fantastic. I’ll never miss another appointment! When an existing customer phones I know immediately who it is which only improves my customer relationships. Having the Outlook app on my phone enables me to reply to customers whilst I am out and about.

How much does it cost?

Microsoft Exchange only costs £3+VAT per month per email address. If you need Microsoft Teams as well then upgrade to Microsoft 365 Business Basic for £3.80 +VAT per month.

You can also setup alias emails which will automatically forward to the main email address. For example you might have but you can also setup an alias of which automatically forwards to You get the advantage of another email address without the extra cost.

Will I lose any emails when I migrate to Microsoft 365

The trick to a successful migration to Microsoft 365 is to ensure all existing emails, contact and calendars which are part of the current IONOS account are backed up so they can be imported into Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. I provide full details of how to do this in this article.

Let MCS help you with your migration

I have helped many self-employed professionals to migrate their emails from IONOS, and other providers such as 123-Reg, to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. They have all reported similar benefits to what I have outlined above. It doesn't matter whereabouts you are based either. Using AnyDesk remote login software I can setup a session to see your computer screen and talk you through everything. The remote login is easy to setup and 100% secure. You can learn more about this service I offer here.

If you want to learn how to do it all yourself then read this detailed article.


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