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Health Check for PCs and Laptops

Is your computer slow?

Does it take ages to boot up?

Are you worried that your computer might have a virus?

Fixed price of £69

I offer a comprehensive health check up of your computer which comprises over 10 detailed tests to make sure your computer is running the best it can. I will also offer advice on what else should be done to keep your computer running well, such as backing up and recommendations on anti-virus products.

PC health check

At the end of the check-up your computer will be faster and more secure. 

The Comprehensive Check List

The following items will be checked as part of the PC health check up.

Task Manager – System Performance

Understanding how much of your system resources are being used is an important factor in making sure your computer is running well. I will monitor CPU, RAM and hard disk usage to make sure it is within acceptable limits.

Virus and malware scan

Windows 10 does have its own ant-virus solution built in and it is very good. You might have a 3rd party product installed such as Norton or AVG. These are also good. However, no product is perfect so that’s why I run another anti-virus scan to really make sure nothing bad is lurking in your computer. I will also ensure your existing anti-virus program is up to date and running normally.

Windows Updates

Windows updates are a really important part of keeping your computer running well. Sometimes, the Windows update service goes wrong and this can cause your computer to go slow, crash and worst of all be susceptible to security risks.

Disk Cleanup

Over time computers accumulate lots of junk and temporary files. I will clean these all up.


Chkdsk is a command that Checks the file system of your hard disk for logical and physical errors. If it finds any errors it corrects them.

Physical status of hard disk

I will run a program to make sure the physical health of your hard drive is good. If any errors are reported I will stop any further tests and recommend that you get a new hard drive installed. I can do this for you if you live in Maidenhead, Marlow or Windsor.

Graphics Card Drivers

Old graphics card drivers can cause computers to freeze and crash so I’ll make sure you are running the latest version.

Software Updates

Keeping software you use up to date, ensures your software continues to run well.  I will also check the web browsers you use are also up to date, as this is especially important from a security perspective.

Backing Up

I will discuss how you are backing up your computer and make sure it is working as expected. If you are not backing-up I will advise you on the best option for your needs.

Start Up Programs

I will check what programs are starting automatically when you switch your computer on. Some of these might not be required and as a result will be slowing down your computer by using up resources.

Software installed

Over time lots of programs get installed and you might not use them any more or old versions of software or programs you think are keeping your computer healthy but aren’t. Lots of programs such as driver updaters or programs that promise to speed up your PC actually do more damage than good.


How to Book an Appointment

You can either bring your computer or laptop to me and I can give it a health checkup or I can setup a remote session online (see my Remote Session page for details on how this works).

The price is £70 whether you bring it to me or we do it online.

If you bring your computer to me it will usually be ready to be picked up the next day. A remote session will take around 2-3 hours.

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