My annoying list of Microsoft bugs

I've been using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office for years. There's always bugs in software and here is my list of what annoys me the most!

Rename a File in File Explorer but Microsoft Office thinks there are 2 files

I created a new Excel spreadsheet and saved it to my OneDrive. I then realised I made a spelling mistake in the file name so I closed the file and went to File Explorer and renamed it. In this example I just changed one letter. Now when I open Excel it lists two file names in the recent files list, as circled in red below.


In file explorer there is only one file but Windows thinks there are two files. If I try and open the second file list it comes up with an error message saying it can't open the file and that it might have been moved, renamed or deleted!


Grouping of applications in Windows task bar

If you have 3 instances of an application open in Windows it groups them together in the task bar. It doesn't if I opened an Excel document, then opened a Word document then opened Chrome and then opened another Excel document. It will always group them like this.

I'd much rather see the applications in the task bar listed in the order I opened them. This would work well with my workflow. For example, I might start my day on a Word document and then move onto Excel and then Chrome and then start another Excel document before creating a PowerPoint presentation. It wouldn't be long before I have several Word documents and Excel spreadhsheets all open at once. Then when I want to go back to the Excel document I was working on at lunchtime I would know where abouts on the task bar it would be. It might be the spreadsheet I was working on before I created a PowerPoint presentation.

Having the task bar listed like below would really help me!


Opening another Word or Excel document also brings up the last minimised document

I've only found one other post from someone who also finds this really annoying.

Let's say you have several Word documents open and they are all hidden by another Window, Chrome for example. Go to File Explorer and open a new Word document. Then close it and you'll find one of the other Word documents will now be visible. I find this so annoying as it disrupts my workflow. Where was I again... How do I get back to where I was...


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