HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M552 running costs vs an inkjet printer

Are you on the lookout for a new printer?

Thinking of going out and buying that £50 inkjet printer you’ve seen advertised? If so, then stop right there and let us explain why you shouldn’t!

I recently purchased a HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M552 printer. It’s big and expensive but I love it!

And I think you should buy one too..

Most people will probably think a printer like this is too big and expensive for their needs but we think that every home should have one. Not only is the print quality amazing but in the long run it will be a lot cheaper as well.

This printer cost me just under £360 including VAT and delivery. It comes with toner cartridges which will give around 6000 black & white pages and 5000 colour pages.

So, one way of looking at it is printing 5000 pages with a uniform balance of black & white and colour is going to cost me £360.

Now, let us look at an inkjet printer and see how much it will cost to print 5000 pages.

The HP Envy 5640 inkjet printer costs £50 to buy from PC World.

A twin pack of black and colour cartridges gives a yield of around 200 pages and costs £32. Assuming the printer comes with one pack of cartridges we will need another 24 packs to do 5000 pages. This is going to cost of £768!

Therefore the total cost of printing 5000 pages from the inkjet printer will be £818.


Let’s summarise the costs to print 5000 pages again:

HP Laserjet printer – £360

HP Envy 5640 – £818


We hope that this short article will convince you to buy a laser printer instead of an inkjet printer. Let’s not forget all the other advantages of laser printers as well such as:

  • Speed
  • No clogging up of cartridges
  • Better quality text and graphics
  • No smudging of text


Have you recently moved from inkjet to laser? If so, let us know your experience in the comments below.




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