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How to setup BitTitan MigrationWiz to migrate your IMAP emails into Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.

This is step 5 out of 8 explaining how to migrate your emails from an IMAP system to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. To read the earlier steps click on the following links - Step 1 - 3Step 4.



MigrationWiz by BitTitan is a 3rd party service which provides a cloud based service to migrate all existing emails, contacts and calendar events to Microsoft 365. The first stage migration moves all emails older than 30 days to Microsoft 365. If you've had your current email for many years the mailbox is probably very large and transferring this amount of data can take time so it makes sense to do it in two batches. 

This migration happens in the background and you can carry on sending and receiving emails as normal. No emails are deleted or lost from your current email account. Once complete you will be able to open your Outlook mailbox from within Microsoft 365 and see all the migrated emails. 

1. Create a free BitTitan account at

2. Select BitTitan MigrationWiz

3. Enter your details.

4. Click Create Account.

You will receive an email with details of finishing setting up your account.

5. Login to MigrationWiz

MigrationWizz - Step 1
MigrationWizz - Step 2

6. Click Create Project.

MigrationWizz - Step 3

7. Click Mailbox Project.



MigrationWizz - Step 4

8. Enter a Project Name for your migration project.

9. Click New next to Customer.


MigrationWizz - Step 5

10. For Primary Email Domain enter your domain name. eg.

11. Enter a company name.

12. The other fields are optional so can be left blank.

13. Click Save. 

14. Click Next Step.


MigrationWizz - Step 6

15. Click New for Source Settings.

16. Enter an Endpoint Name. eg. IONOS IMAP

17. Select an Endpoint Type. IMAP is the most common.

18. Enter Server Name, Server Port. If you don't know this information then do a Google search on "Server settings for company X  email", where company x is your current email provider such as IONOS or 123-Reg. Select SSL if required.

19. Click Add. 


MigrationWizz - Step 7
MigrationWizz - Step 8

20. Click Next Step.

21. Click New for EndPoint. 


MigrationWizz - Step 9
MigrationWizz - Step 10

22. Enter an Endpoint Name. eg. M365

23. Select an Endpoint Type - Microsoft 365

24. Enter the Administrator username and password for your Microsoft 365 account.

25. Click Add.


MigrationWizz - Step 11

26. Click Save And Go To Summary.

27. Click Save Project. 

We have now entered the details for the source and destination mailboxes. We now need to add the email addresses you want to actually migrate.

For most users who are just migrating one or two email addresses the easiest option is to use Quick Add and add the details manually.

MigrationWizz - Step 12
MigrationWizz - Step 13

28. Click Quick Add.

29. Enter the source email address. ie. your email address which you want to migrate.

30. The username is usually the same as the email address.

31. Enter the password.

32. The Destination email address is usually the same as the source, because you are wanting to migrate your emails.

33. Click Save Item and Close or Save Item and Add Another depending on whether you are just migrating one or more email accounts.

MigrationWizz - Step 14
MigrationWizz - Step 15

We now need to edit the project and put in some of the settings from Microsoft Entra, which we did in Step 2.

34. Click the Edit button next to your Project name.

35. Click Advanced.

36. Under the Support tab, click the + sign.

37. Enter ModernAuthClientIdImport=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

38. Click + again and enter ModernAuthTenantIdImport=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

where xxxx-xxxx is the client ID and Tenant ID values you copied into Notepad in Step 3.

39. Click Save.



MigrationWizz - Step 18
MigrationWizz - Step 19
MigrationWizz - Step 20

40. Select the email address(es).

41. Click Start and then Verify Credentials. 

This last step checks that all the details you have entered are valid and MigrationWizz will be able to start migrating your emails from your current email provider into your new Microsoft 365 Exchange Online account.

If you get the an error message about The account does not have permission to impersonate the requested user. Error: ErrorImpersonateUserDenied then you need to run some PowerShell commands to grant the required perrnissions.




MigrationWizz - Step 18
MigrationWizz - Step 19

42. Right mouse click Windows Start button and select Windows Powershell (Admin).

43. Run the following commands (in blue), one a a time.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

Select A to do Yes to All

$LiveCred = Get-Credential

Enter your new Microsoft 365 login details.

Install-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

Import-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

Connect-ExchangeOnline -ConnectionUri -Credential $LiveCred


The Enable-OrganizationCustomization command can take a long time to run so just leave it.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "ApplicationImpersonation" -User

Replace with the email address of the new Microsoft 365 account.


Powershell - Step 2

If you get an error message on the last command, similar to opposite, then wait for around 30 to 45 minutes and then try again. It should then complete successfully.


Write-ErrorMessage : |System.InvalidOperationException|You don't have access to create, change, or remove the"xxxxxx.onmicrosoft.comApplicationImpersonation-username" management role assignment. You must be assigned a delegating role assignment to the management role or its parent in the hierarchy without a scope restriction.

After running the PowerShell commands try running Verify Credentials again. If it works then you can proceed onto first stage migration.

44. Select account(s).

45. Go to Start and select Pre-Stage Migration.

46. Click Here to Purchase Licenses - MigrationWiz-Mailbox.

47. You will be taken to a new page to enter credit card details. Once complete you will be taken back to the page you were on.

48. Select time frame for Migration Scheduling. 30 days is standard.

49. Click Start Migration.

The migration will begin and start migrating emails from your current email system in to the new Microsoft 365 Exchange mailboxes.

How long it will take will be dependent on the size of your mailbox. A large mailbox that runs into several GB of emails can take several hours to run.

You will be able to monitor the progress of the migration.





MigrationWizz - Step 22
MigrationWizz - Step 23

Once the first stage migration is complete we can check whether it has worked by opening up Outlook Web Application in your web browser and you will be able to see lots of emails. The earliest emails you will see are 30 days or older. Check your inbox and sent items. Any sub folders you had will also be there.

50. In the Microsoft 365 Admin Center click the grid of dots in top left corner.

51. Open Outlook.


MigrationWizz - Step 24
MigrationWizz - Step 25


When the Pre-stage migration is complete you are ready to update more DNS records so all new emails go through Microsoft Exchange Online rather than your current IMAP email system. 

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