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How to make changes to Microsoft 365 Entra so MigrationWiz will work

This is step 4 out of 8 explaining how to migrate your emails from an IMAP system to Microsoft 365 Exchange Online. You will find steps 1 to 3 here.



Since December 2022 Microsoft 365 has used Modern Authentication. In order for MigrationWiz to be able to access the new mailboxes in Microsoft 365 and migrate emails across we need to make changes in the Microsoft 365 Entra Admin Center. Entra is the new name for Azure Active Directory. 

1. In the Microsoft 365 Admin center click the 3 horizontal lines in the top left corner

2. Click Show all and then click Identity. 


M365 Entra - Step 1
M365 Entra - Step 2

3. Go to Overview and then Properties

4. Click Manage security defaults.

M365 Entra - Step 3

5. Change Security defaults from Enabled (recommended) to Disabled (not recommended).

M365 Entra - Step 4

6. Select one of the Reasons for disabling and click Save.

M365 Entra - Step 5

7. In Entra admin center go to Identity and then Applications and App registrations.

M365 Entra - Step 6

8.Select New registration.

M365 Entra - Step 7
M365 Entra - Step 7

9. Give it a name, such as Migration Wiz.

10. Under Supported account types select Accounts in any organizational directory (Any Microsoft Entra ID tenant - Multitenant)

11. Under Redirect URI (optional) select Public client/native (mobile & desktop).

12. Set the Redirect URI value to urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob

13. Click Register.


M365 Entra - Step 8

14. Click on the name of the new Registration.


M365 Entra - Step 9

15. You will see an Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID. Make a copy of both of these values in Notepad or Microsoft Word.


M365 Entra - Step 10

16. On left hand side, under the heading Manage select Authentication.

17. Scroll down and under Allow public client flows select Yes.

18. Click Save.


M365 Entra - Step 11

19. On left hand side, under the heading Manage select API permission.

20. If under Configured permissions there is a permission name User.Read under Microsoft Graph then this can be deleted.

21. Click Add a permission.

22. Select APIs my organization uses

23. In the search box, type in Office 365 Exchange Online

24. Select Office 365 Exchange Online.

25. Select Delegated Permissions

26. Expand EWS

27. Select

28. Click Add permissions

M365 Entra - Step 12
M365 Entra - Step 13
M365 Entra - Step 14

29. Under Configured permissions click Grant admin consent for company x

30. Click Yes to confirm.

M365 Entra - Step 15


Everything should now be setup in Microsoft 365 to enable the migration of emails from your current email system into the new Microsoft 365 Exchange Online system. The next step is to use Bit Titan's MigrationWiz to migrate your emails into Microsoft 365. Click the button below for Step 5.

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