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Refurbished PCs

If you want a new computer but don't want to spend lots of money on a brand new PC then why not get a refurbished PC from MCS - you could save over £200 compared to buying a brand new one!

The refurbished PCs I supply are ideal for customers who use their computer for the following:

  • Working from home
  • Emails and browsing the internet
  • Online shopping
  • Office work such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Online meetings using Teams and Zoom

If this sounds like you and you want to save money then I can help.

Super Fast Computers

Our refurbished PCs boot up super fast and apps open straight away. Check out the video below which shows one of our refurbished computers. You can see it boots up in less than 30 seconds - does your computer boot up that fast or do you go away and make a cup of tea!

Get a great PC and save over £200

01628 298 820

How much does it cost?

Entry Level
From £150
Intel i3 CPU
A Good All Rounder
From £200
Intel i5
A Workhorse
from £275
Intel u5 or i7
8GB / 16GB RAM
500GB / 1TB SSD

Setting up of the PC

I can transfer everything from your old computer to the new one. I specialise in making the transition to your new computer as seamless as possible so you can continue where you left off.

You will need to bring your old computer to me. I charge £70 for this service. I can also setup the new PC in your new home.

Specification of the refurbished PCs

All of the refurbished PCs I supply have a specification which is guaranteed to ensure it meets your needs. I will discuss what you use your computer for and how much storage space you need and then give you a price for supplying you with your perfect computer.

There are 3 main components to a computer: CPU, RAM and Hard drive, and a summary of various specifications available is outlined below.

CPU / Processor

The brains of the computer. The bigger the number the faster it will be.

Intel i3, i5 or i7
AMD Ryzen 3, 5 or 7


Like to multitask then the more the RAM you have the better.

4G, 8GB or 16GB

Hard drive

Need to store lots of photos and documents. Then you will want a larger hard drive.

250GB, 500GB or 1TB SSD

We can transfer everything from your current PC to the new one


What's included

Every refurbished computer will come with a brand new hard drive and a fresh installation of Windows 10 or Windows 11. All PCs can be upgraded to Windows 11.

Where do you get the PCs from?

I get them from reputable sellers on eBay who have a minimum of 99.5% feedback score.

What make will it be?

It will be a Dell Optiplex PC. These are Dell's business range of PCs and are very good computers.

How big will it be?

The Dell Optiplex come in various sizes. The micro size is not much bigger than your home broadband router. The mini tower is also probably smaller than your current PC.


I provide a 1 year guarantee on the computer.

Is a monitor included

A monitor isn't included but I can recommend one if needed. We usually find customers already have a monitor they want to use.

Can I used my existing monitor?

Most of the time you can use your old monitor although it might be necessary to buy an adapter so it can connect to the new PC. I will advise accordingly.

Is a keyboard and mouse included

Keyboard and mouse aren't included but can be supplied if required.

Get a refurbished PC Today

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Save money with a refurbished PC which comes with a great warranty


They maybe 2nd hand but they are guaranteed to boot up super fast



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