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How to Create Strong and Secure Passwords


Step 1

Think of a sentence or phrase.

eg. I like walking my dog in the park

Take the 1st letter of each word: I like walking mdog ithe park


Step 2

Add some random numbers and characters


Step 3

To make the password unique for every website you visit add a unique identifier. For example, an Am for Amazon, FB for Facebook etc.


We now have a system that is easy to remember and contains the requirements for a strong password:

  • More than 10 characters long
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Special characters
  • Numbers
  • Unique for every website.


Making it your own

Now you have a system it’s time to make it your own. You could vary the position of the random characters and numbers – all at the beginning or all at the end for example. You could choose a different identifier for each website. Just choose something that you can easily remember.

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