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When your internet stops working it probably feels like your world has just ended! And when your internet doesn’t work as well as expected then we understand the frustration this causes. So, if your internet connection is slow or intermittent or your wi-fi doesn’t perform as well as you’d hope then give us a call and we will help you.

However, before giving us a call you should always reboot the router and then check the following:

If all the lights are on or your broadband provider tells you everything is fine then we can definitely help. There are a number of causes with the following culprits being the most common causes:

  • Router settings
  • Wireless settings
  • Windows settings
  • Anti-virus software preventing access
  • Firewall software preventing access

When your wi-fi isn’t working well there are many possible reasons including location of your router, size of your house, thickness of your walls and even the proximity of your neighbours’ routers can have an impact.

Most internet problems can be solved for around £60.


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