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Improving Internet and Wifi Speed and Reliability in Your Home

If you find your wifi keeps dropping out or doesn't extend to all the rooms in your house then we can help. There are many factors that affect broadband speed throughout your home.

Location of Router

Where you place the router and what it is next to has a huge effect on wifi speeds and stability of connection. For example, a router near a microwave will have negative effects. Thick brick walls will also have a negative effect.



Wired Connection

If possible I always recommend a wired connection whenever possible. This is always guaranteed to be faster and more stable. This is where powerline plugs can be really useful to ensure a wired connection in any room in the house.

Mesh wifi

Although the wifi booster plugs you can buy are OK they have many disadvantages. The main one being that you device (laptop, mobile, tablet) will not automatically reconnect to this plug to get a better signal. What this means is as you move around your house the first wifi connection made often stays connected. This can result in a very weak connection at times.

A mesh network sovles this problem by always giving you a strong signal.