How to install WordPress on 1&1 IONOS

Everything you need to know about how to install WordPress on 1&1


Don’t struggle anymore with WordPress and 1&1.

We have a 12 part series explaining how to setup a 1&1 account, installing WordPress and then mastering WordPress and creating a website. 

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There are lots of articles and videos on how to install WordPress on 1and1 web hosting. But many of them are out of date and if you try and follow them they don’t seem to make sense. Our 12 part series and eBook is constantly kept up to date so you’ll never get confused on what to do.

Our eBook explains everything you need to know about how to install WordPress on 1&1 web hosting and creating a professional website all by yourself. You will learn how to setup a web hosting account with 1&1 and then go onto installing WordPress and creating a website.

As learning by example is the best way to learn, in our eBook you’ll be creating a website for a fictitious cake shop. By the time you’ve finished you’ll be able to take your own ideas and create your own website.

Why not take a look at the fictitious cake shop website which you’ll be learning to create:


It looks pretty good doesn’t it!

Well, by the time you’ve finished our eBook you’ll be able to create this website all by yourself…

Setting up a 1&1 web hosting account

In order to have a website you need to have a web hosting account. 1&1 are one of the world’s largest web hosting companies and host millions of websites. They have a wide range of packages available to enable you to get your business online and let it grow.

The 1&1 web hosting account enables you to build your website and then let the whole world view it.

In our eBook we show you every step of setting up your 1&1 web hosting account. We take you from going to the 1&1 homepage on their website and selecting the correct package for your needs and purchasing the package. We also explain how you purchase a domain name which is tied to your web hosting account.

Setup WordPress on 1&1

If you’ve heard of WordPress before then you’ve probably heard that it is an easy tool to use to create a website. Well, you heard correctly!

We use WordPress to create your website because, quite simply, it’s probably the best tool to use to create a website. In fact, over half of the world’s websites are built using WordPress.


Once your 1&1 account is setup we show you how to install WordPress on 1&1. We show you exactly which menus to navigate in order to install WordPress correctly. We then show you how to tie the WordPress installation with your domain name


Learning all about WordPress

Once your 1&1 account is setup and WordPress is installed we teach you everything you need to know to create a website including the following topics.

How to install WordPress Themes

Once WordPress is installed on your 1&1 web hosting account you are ready to start creating your website. Themes form the basis of how your website looks and there are thousands of themes available, including lots of free ones. We show you how to search for themes and how to install them so you can choose a design for your website that best suits your needs.


How to create WordPress pages

We show you how to create a home page and other pages outlining your services. We also insert pictures to make the website appealing to potential visitors.


How to install WordPress Plugins

Plugins add a lot of functionality to a WordPress website. You can think of a plugin a bit like an app for a smartphone. Just as apps make smartphones better, plugins do the same for WordPress websites.

We show you how to search for plugins and install them. For example, we create a Contact Us page using a plugin so customers can contact you through your website.


Inserting images


And a lot lot more….


By the end of our eBook you’ll have a sound working knowledge of WordPress and your web hosting company’s interface. You’ll also be able to take your own ideas and apply them to your own website. Just imagine that instead of pictures of cakes on the Cakes by Sally website, the pictures are related to your business. Change the text as well and before you know it, you’ve got a brand new personalised website.


 The complete eBook is over 90 pages long.

The cheapest way to build a WordPress website by yourself

Every piece of software we used to develop Cakes by Sally is available for free! Therefore, your only costs are the cost of the eBook, a website name (domain name) and the cost of your 1&1 web hosting. For further details see our guide to How much does it really cost!

What skills do I need?

If you have done some of the following then you will have be able to use our eBook:

  • Used Microsoft Word, or a similar word processing package.
  • Downloaded photos from a digital camera onto your computer.
  • Used online email programs such as Gmail or Hotmail and uploaded/downloaded attachments.
  • Installed software onto your computer.

What equipment do I need?

You need either a Windows based PC, or a Mac. You also need an internet connection. All the screenshots in our eBooks are taken from a PC running Windows 10. If you are running a different operating system such as Windows 7, Windows 8 or are running a Mac then the screenshots might look slightly different but all the steps will be exactly the same.

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