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Do you need a professional website for your business?

Let MCS design a stunning website for you using WordPress, Beaver Builder and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (UABB). Using these tools enables us to build you a website in days rather than weeks.

With prices from £150 you'll be amazed at the quality of the website we can produce.


WordPresx examples2
WordPress logo
Beaver Builder Logo
UABB logo

WordPress provides the backbone structure of your website. Beaver Builder enables us to quickly and easily get the design and layout you want. The Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (UABB) has over 300 design sections which added the wow factor to your website.

How we build a website


Before we build a website for you we listen to what your business is about and what sort of website you want. 

Let's go through an example of building a website for a fictional yoga instructor. We will start with a blank canvas and build it up step by step till we get a finished homepage. You can see the finished result at

Jasmin Yoga Website homepage

Step 1 - An Attractive Logo

I use to create a free logo and inserted it into the customize section of the Astra WordPress theme. 


Yoga with Jasmin logo

Step 2 - An Eye Catching Header

Beaver Builder UABB Page template

We used the UABB page template called Multipurpose to start the creation of the homepage. It's just a case of selecting the template and confirming you want to replace the existing layout. A moment later you will have a brand new page!

The image below on the left is the original header image with some placeholder text. The image on the right shows the new design. All we've done is upload a new photo and change the text. Simple steps resulting in impressive results.

The image was taken from, a great resource for free photos.




UABB Header 1
Yoga with Jasmin header

Step 3 - Introduction to Website

The next section focusses on providing a brief introduction to the website. This is achieved with some catchy headings, short sentences and a photo. Depending on the type of business you run a photo of yourself or of your team can really help people feel welcome and connected to you, even though they've never met you. It can create an element of trust which is so important in the online world.

Section beneath header

Step 4 - A Click To Action

We’ve introduced ourselves so let’s start enticing people in with a special offer. In this case a free class.  Click to Actions are really important on a website and you definitely need them. The good news is there are lots of different styles available in the UABB.

CTA - free yoga session

Step 5 - Feature of your business

Now we need to start selling ourselves. Prove to visitors that you are the best and that you can solve people’s problems.  Add features that make your business unique—Your USP!  Each of these features can have links to new pages where you can provide even more detail.

Features section of website

Step 6 - Some testimonials

Get some reviews for your business and post these on your homepage. It really adds some proof that you are as good as you say you are. 

testimonials for website

Step 7 - Bottom of the page

We've reached the bottom of the homepage. Time to add another Click To Action with another attractive photo to help close the page. 

Footer section of Yoga website


Homepage of yoga with Jasmin

You can see the whole homepage now and see how all the sections combine to create a beautiful homepage.

You can see this page in action at