WordPress websites in Maidenhead and Marlow

WordPress and Beaver Builder

You've probably heard of WordPress and how easy it is to use and how powerful it is. Well, all those things are true. It is used by millions of websites around the world and with it's extensive range of plugins and themes you can make the website look anyway you want as well give it any functionality you need. Want to sell products, no problem; want to offer online appointment bookings, just as easy.

Beaver Builder is a plugin for WordPress that makes creating a website so much easier. It enables you to get the exact layout you want.

Let me explain how it works. You can see in the screenshot below all the blue boxes around individual items of content. The first block is one column wide and then we have three columns, with a picture in each.


Editing each of these blocks is just a matter of clicking on them and a new window will open up. The screenshot below is editing some text. You can see there are buttons to make text bold, create bullet lists, add headings etc.


Creating the content you want

Most websites have a standard set of pages such as a homepage, contact us page, about us page and then pages describing their products and services. You may have other pages you want to create and these can be discussed in detail with you. For example, you might want to offer online booking of appointments with your customers. There are plugins available for WordPress which make this a straightforward process.


Getting to the top of Google

There's no point in having a great website if no one can find you. And to be found you have to be on the first page of Google. I've done it for this website. If you type into Google 'computer repairs Maidenhead' I'm number one!

Whilst I can't guarantee to get you to the top of Google I can certainly explain everything you need to do to improve your rankings. The quick answer is you have to prove to Google that you are the best at what you do. Contact me for more details.


What is web hosting?

In order for the world to see your fantastic new website you need a webhosting company. There are thousands of companies to choose from but we recommend IONOS, GoDaddy, FastHosts. If you already have a website hosted with another company then that is not a problem.

web hosting server

How much does it cost

Costs for building a website vary and are dependent upon many factors. Are you building a new website from scratch or do you already have a website. What is the purpose of your website? Is it purely information or are you selling products? Do you need particular functionality such as login for members or ability to provide booking of appointments?

Here's an indication of what different prices can get you:

Less than £50

If you already have a WordPress website but have become stuck on the design then you'll be amazed at how much a couple of hours tuition from me can help you drive the development of your website.

Around £100

If you need help on getting a website started and a few basic pages created so you can then continue yourself and create the content you want then around £100 will get you up and running.


I will create a website for you from scratch with the following content:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Contact us
  • up to 3 pages outlining your services


For around £250 you will get the same as the £150 but with with extra functionality such as user logins.



NB. All packages need to have webhosting account paid for you by. These costs are around £7 per month.