Web design in Maidenhead

Websites designed in Maidenhead for £100

Yes, you read that right. A fully developed website for £100. You might be thinking that it’s too good to be true.

Let us explain how it is possible to get a great website designed in Maidenhead for £100. There are three essential elements:

  • Using WordPress.
  • Being prepared to write most of the content yourself.
  • Having a few ideas of how you want your website to look.

Let’s talk about these in turn.

Using WordPress

WordPress is probably the world’s most popular Content Management System and it is free! WordPress enables you to create web pages with ease and add content to those web pages. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress which enables you to have a great looking website.

WordPress logo

We will install WordPress for you and show you how it works so you can then start adding content to your website, including pictures and text. And if you get stuck or have a question we will be right round to help you.

Being prepared to write most of the content yourself

You know your business best and there are best placed to write content about your business. However, we can offer plenty of advice and help on making sure your content is well written for the web and also that it can be found easily.

Having a few ideas of how you want your website to look

You may have already seen a few website which you like the look of. If you have, then great. The aim is to find a WordPress theme which will match the ideas you have in terms of layout and structure.


To find out more see our Website Starter Package page. The aim of the package is to get you setup with web hosting package, WordPress installed and lots of help on how to start designing your website. You will find it surprisingly easy to start building your website and at the same time understand why you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds to get a professional website.

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