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Is your computer a few years old and running slow?

Have you thought about buying a new one but can't justify the expense?

Then, why not upgrade the hard drive to a SSD and watch your computer fly...


Prices from £95


Computers that are a few years old are likely to have a old-style spinning hard disk. Whilst they work perfectly well they are slow. Newer computers generally come with SSD hard drives which are much faster.

We have upgraded many customer's computers with a SSD and they are always really impressed at how much faster the PC is compared to how it was.

Superfast boot times

Even if your computer is 10 years old it can probably benefit from a SSD upgrade. The short video below shows a 5 year old laptop which was upgraded with a 480GB SSD and a fresh installation of Windows 10. As you can see the laptop boots up from cold to the desktop in under 13 seconds!



How it Works

You have 2 options when deciding to upgrade your hard drive to a SSD.

  • Fresh installation of Windows 10 and all your personal files copied across
  • Clone the existing hard drive to the new SSD.


Fresh Installation of Windows

A fresh installation of Windows will always work really well. It really will be like a brand new computer. It's a good opportunity to get rid of all those old programs you haven't used for years.

All your personal files and photos will be copied across to the new SSD.

Programs such as Chrome, Microsoft Office and other software you use will need to be reinstalled. I can do this for you if you have relevant license keys and installation disks.

Cloning Existing Hard Drive

I can clone your existing hard drive to the new SSD which means you won't have to reinstall any programs. Everything will be the same as before except your computer will run much faster.

Please note, this option is not recommended if you are currently having problems with Windows.

Size of the SSDs

You can choose between the following size of SSDs:

  • 128GB
  • 240GB
  • 480GB
  • 1TB

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £95 including parts and labour and vary on the size of the SSD required and how much work is required to copy personal files and reinstall programs.


Get a Quote

If you're interested in getting a price for upgrading your hard drive fill in the form below.

See notes below form on how to determine size and space used on your current hard drive.

Determining what size SSD you need

It will be useful if you can provide details of the size of your current hard disk and how much free space you have.

1. Open File Explorer / This PC / My Computer
In Windows 10, in the Search box type in this pc and click Open.

2. Under Devices and drives you will see the C: drive. I need to know both figures.

eg. 128GB free of 220GB.