If your computer is running slow or is a bit old then you will be amazed at what difference a SSD hard drive will make to its performance.

My PC is over 7 years old and I recently upgraded the old spinning 500GB hard drive to a SSD drive. The computer now boots up to the desktop within 30 seconds whereas before it was taking over 2 minutes. Opening programs is almost instant. Using the PC is just how it should be – quick, fluid and a joy to use.

If you decide to upgrade then you have 2 options:

  • Have a fresh installation of Windows and reinstall all your programs. All your personal files and photos will also be copied across.
  • It might also be possible to clone your existing hard drive to a new SSD.

We usually advise that a fresh installation of Windows is undertaken, as this leads to a much better result overall.  Programs will have to be reinstalled so you will need the installation disks and/or license keys. We can advise more on this at the time. We will also copy over all your existing documents and photos.

If you’re interested in getting a price for upgrading your hard drive fill in the form below.

It will be useful if you can provide details of the size of your current hard disk and how much free space you have.

1. Open File Explorer / This PC / My Computer
In Windows 10, in the Search box type in this pc and click Open.

2. Under Devices and drives you will see the C: drive. I need to know both figures. eg. 128GB free of 220GB.

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