Staying safe online

Unfortunately online attacks are becoming increasingly common and more sophisticated. We read in the newspapers stories about large companies such as TalkTalk and Yahoo getting hacked. We also probably know someone who has had their email account compromised or maybe even had money stolen from online accounts.


These types of attacks aren’t going to go away but at Maidenhead Computer Services we take these attacks seriously and do all we can to educate customers about how to stay safe online. There are three essential steps to keeping your computer safe:

  • Strong and secure passwords
  • Good internet security software
  • Keeping Windows up to date

It’s important to have strong and unique passwords for every website you visit. Therefore if one website does get compromised your other accounts are still safe. To learn about how to create a secure password please download our free guide –

There are lots of very good internet security software suites available today. Our preferred option is Kaspersky Internet Security suite 2017.

Windows is constantly issuing updates to its software. A lot of these updates are to fix security vulnerabilities. Therefore it is important to have Windows Updates set to Automatically install updates.

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