Questions you need to ask before employing a web designer

How much do you want to spend?

All website designers sell their time for money. The more pages you want, the more text you want, the more pictures you want and the more design changes you want, the more time it’s going to take to build your website. And the more time it takes the more expensive it will be.

If you’ve got an unlimited budget then that is great. But if not then you can reduce costs significantly by writing the content and searching for photos yourself. This is where our Website Starter Package comes into play. We show you how to setup a web hosting account, install WordPress and create pages. Over the course of two sessions you’ll have the structure in place to create a professional website.

At the same time if you just need the website up and running as soon as possible then we can help with our Full Website Package. And if your budget is really limited why not learn to do it all by yourself by reading our eBook.

Who will host your website?Web hosting server

We strongly believe that you should own your website. This means you pay for your web hosting account each month. This way you remain in total control of your website. It also reduces your costs as most web design companies charge a significant premium for hosting your website. Expect to pay around £6 per month for web hosting.


Will I get the ability to make changes myself?

We recommend that your new website is built using WordPress. It’s the world’s most popular Content Management System and is easy to learn and at the same time very powerful and versatile.

WordPress logo

Anyone can learn to use WordPress. If you can use Word or Facebook then you can use WordPress.

So make sure you don’t get stung with hefty fees every time you want some simple changes made to your website.

Will I be Number 1 on Google?

Everyone wants to be number 1 on Google don’t they! Impossible to guarantee but certainly possible to achieve. It’s all about your content and making it the best it can be and proving to Google that you are the best at what you do in your neighbourhood!

At Maidenhead Computer Services we are in the top 5 and often number 1 for natural search results for search terms such as Computer repairs maidenhead and laptop repairs maidenhead. If we can do it for our company imagine what we can do for your company.

Will my new website look good on mobile phones and tablets?

It’s vitally important that your website looks just as good on a computer/laptop as it does on a mobile phone or tablet. So many people begin their search on a mobile phone these days that if your website doesn’t look good then you will immediately lose customers. Google also gives prominence in their search results to websites that are responsive.


To achieve this you need something called a responsive design website. All the websites we design and work on are responsive from the start.