If you would like to setup a remote session with Maidenhead Computer Services so I can help you with your computer problems please follow these instructions:

1. Go to https://anydesk.com/en

2. Click on the red Free Download button.



The downloaded file will appear in the bottom left corner of the browser window. Click the file and AnyDesk will open.

AnyDesk-Chrome Download


  1. Click Save File.
  2. Click the Downloads icon towards the top right corner of Firefox and then click the name of the file.
AnyDesk - Firefox download 1
AnyDesk-Firefox download-2

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click Run.



AnyDesk-Edge download

Open the download and you will be presented with AnyDesk program.

When you have your remote session you will be asked for the 9 digit code in the top left corner.

Contact Me

Once you have the software installed you will want to call Robert at Maidenhead Computer Services on 01628 298 820 or fill in the contact form below.