Recover those important documents and photos

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Has your computer died and you need to recover your files?

Has your external hard drive stopped working and you can't access your important documents and family photos?

Maybe you've got some old computers gathering dust and you'd like to recover the documents and photos from them.


Get your data recovered from £50

Identifying the Problem

The process of recovering data depends on what has actually happened as there's usually several different degrees of data loss. We can only deal with certain types of data recovery and if we can’t recover your data we will be able to offer advice on what sort of company can.

Listed below are the sorts of things which require data recovery skills:

Windows has failed

When Windows fail to boot up it is possible to remove the hard drive from the computer and recover the data. Prices start at £60 and can usually be done the same day. We can copy files to an external hard disk you provide or we can get one for you.

Broken PC or laptop

If your computer or laptop has died and won’t switch on then it is likely that the hard drive is still OK and therefore all the data can be recovered.


Faulty external hard drives

USB hard drives often fail as a result of the USB connector to the actual hard drive. It is usually possible to remove the hard drive from the casing and recover the data.

Faulty hard drives

Sometimes parts inside the hard drive fail resulting in it not being possible to read the data. In these situations you will need to send the drive off to a specialist who has a clean room where they can dismantle the hard drive and recover your data.

In the first instance it's worth seeing if we can read the hard drive and if not we can provide details of companies who can help.

First steps in getting your data recovered

The first thing you should do is to give us a call to explain what has happened. We will then be able to advise you on whether we can help or not.

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