Backing up your personal documents and photos

At Maidenhead Computer Services we see a lot of broken computers and the thing that worries customers the most is that they have potentially lost all their personal documents and photos – all those important files which they need to run their business or all those important photos from memorable occasions.

This is why we always recommend our customers invest in an online cloud based backup solution. If your computer breaks or gets stolen or lost then all your documents are stored safely in the cloud.

Our preferred solution is Microsoft OneDrive because:

  • It is integral to Windows 10 which makes it is easy to use.
  • It is very good value – You can get 50GB of storage for £1.99 per month. And as part of Office 365 subscription you get a lot, lot more for your money. For £80 per year you get 1TB of cloud storage and full versions of Word, Excel Outlook etc. Furthermore, one subscription can be shared between 5 people, with each user getting 1TB of storage and full versions of the Office programs.


Access your documents and photos from anywhere

With all your documents and photos backed up in the cloud you can then access them from any computer that is connected to the internet, your smart phone or your tablet.

If you have two computers – perhaps a desktop PC and a laptop then by storing everything on OneDrive all your files are synchronised and backed up on all your devices as well as in the cloud.

Automatically back up your phone photos

Do you take a lot of photos on your smart phone? If so, then by installing OneDrive app on your phone then every time you take a photo or video it will automatically be uploaded to the cloud and then synchronised across all your devices. The app is available for iphones, android phones and Microsoft phones.

Other cloud storage options

There are many other cloud storage providers with Dropbox and Google Drive being two of the most popular. We can setup these or any other preferred cloud storage option for you. Give us a call to find out more.

Other  backup options

Another backup option is to use a NAS drive. NAS stands for Networked Attached Storage. Western Digital probably have the best known product on the market with their My Cloud Drive. The drive connects to your internet router and automatically backs up all your personal files.

Get your documents and photos organised

Another common problem we see is that customers have documents and photos stored in numerous random locations which makes it hard to keep track of everything and also harder to ensure everything is backed up.

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