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Apple MacBook Repairs in Maidenhead


If you live in Maidenhead, Marlow or Windsor and your MacBook computer isn't performing well or isn't booting up properly then I can help you. Many Mac repairs can be done the same day and if parts needs to be ordered then you can expect to have your computer up and running again within around 24 hours. Some of the MacBook services we provide in Maidenhead are:

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Apple MacBook Bootup Problems

Question mark bootup

If you switch on your Mac and you are getting a question mark on the screen this indicates the device can't find the MacOS operating system and therefore can't boot up. This maybe due to the MacOS becoming corrupted or the hard disk failing. Sometimes the cable that connects the hard drive to the main logic board can also fail. I can replace the hard drive cable and get your laptop working again. Read this blog post about how I diagnosed and carried out a repair of this type. Whatever the issue I should be able to fix it, with prices from £60.

Apple Mac SSD Upgrades


If your Mac laptop is a few years old then it might have an old style spinning hard disk inside. Upgrading this to a SSD will significantly improve the performance of the Mac. I have done this for many customers and they have been very impressed with how much faster their Mac is. Once the SSD is fitted and MacOS installed then Time Machine can be used to put all personal files and software back onto the Mac.

Big Sur Update Problems

Big Sur

It is well know that the latest Big Sur update in Novmber 2020 can break some Mac computers. Whilst every Mac is different we should be able to fix this by reinstalling Catalina.

Slow Mac

Apple Mac Laptop

If you are finding your Apple Mac is really slow then I have found the best option is to do a reinstall of the MacOS. I have tried running many of the programs that are supposed to give your Mac a spring clean but personally I haven't found any of them to make that much difference. Hence why I recommed the reinstall. This works best if you've got a time machine backup of your computer because once the MacOS is reinstalled all your apps and personal files can be copied back.

Reinstallation of MacOS


There can be many reasons why you need a reinstallation of the MacOS including your current installation running very slowly or wanting to upgrade to the lastest version of MacOS. Before upgrading we recommend that everything is backed up using Time Machine and then a fresh installation can be carried out.

Data Recovery

Data recovery

If your Mac has completely died then I can recover your personal files and copy them to an external hard drive or another computer for you. For more more information see my data recovery page.

What I Can't Do

Unfortunately I can't do logic board repairs or cracked screen replacements on Apple Mac laptops, or phones or iPads.

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