3 Steps to Choosing a New Computer

How to choose a new computer in 3 easy steps

If all you need a PC for is browsing the internet, online
shopping, sending emails, some office work such as Word,Excel and PowerPoint
then the following guide will definitely ensure you choose an excellent computer
that will last you many years.

When I look at specifications for a new computer, whether it’s
a laptop or desktop there’s 3 essential things I look at:

  • CPU / Processor
  • RAM
  • Type and amount of storage

Step 1 - CPU / Processor

This is the brains of your computer and there’s 2 manufacturers
– Intel and AMD. Whilst both have a wide range of CPUs there’s only a few I will
ever consider:

Intel - i3, i5 or i7

AMD – Ryzen 3, 5 or 7

If you go for one of these you are guaranteed to have a well
performing computer.


 As a bare minimum you
want 4GB of RAM and ideally I would go for 8GB.


Ideally I prefer computers which come with a SSD drive.
Whilst the storage capacity is less than traditional hard drive (HDD) the speed
difference is massive and worth every penny!

However, don’t go for a 128GB SSD. This is just too small. As
a minimum choose one with at least 240GB.

If you do have thousands and thousands of photos then you
might need to consider getting a computer with a normal 1TB hard drive or you
might find one with a combination of a SSD and HDD.

Finding the best deals

I would go to PC World or John Lewis and head to the
relevant laptop or Desktop PC section. Order the search results by price. On PC
World you will need to jump straight to page 4 before you start seeing results
which match the specifications I have outlined above.

 From the listings page
you can quickly see the 3 main specs I outline above. Remember if it hasn’t one
of the Intel or AMD cpu’s I mention or if it only has a 128GB SSD then disregard
it and move onto the next item.